Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Friday after Thanksgiving, most everyone has the day off, there is no Wise County Messenger Update, but you know who's here? That's right: THWMISB™.
  • Texas Hospitalizations

    • Wise County:
    • I'm getting reports that COVID has run amuck at the Wise County Jail. If that's true, it needs to be formally reported to the Wise County Commissioners. 
    • Number of people at Cowboy game during worst period of the North Texas pandemic: 30,048.
  • Someone told him this look would be a good idea yesterday. Yes, it's real:

  • And as he was behind that miniature desk, he barked:" “Don’t talk to me that way! You’re just a lightweight. I’m the President of the United States!” (Really.)
  • Sidney Powell, who might actually be dumber that Rudy Giuliani, finally "released the Kraken" in Georgia where she filed a lawsuit in federal district court riddled with typos. The following are real, too.  Embarrassing.  Edit: Looks like they scrambled and cleaned up the typos before it actually got docketed.

  • In case you are confused about what "Release the Kraken" means, Trump has explained it to us. It was actually a secret code word that Sidney Powell used in a press conference directed to the Department of Defense to unleash a computer program against the Deep State. Trump is crazy. And we don't even blink an eye. 

  • See that building? When the inside of the Wise County Courthouse gets renovated to make it look like the days of yore, the DA's office, the District Clerk's Office, and District Judge's office will be relocated there.  Where's court going to be held? I have no idea. (We are talking years away.) Edit: The County Judge wants it to be clear this is a temporary holding place during the restoration. And the location includes the building next to it -- 6,400 total square feet. 

  • Here's Dallas' crazy fake punt yesterday.  Was that a run from the get go? Was he supposed to throw it? If so, to who? The punter? Assuming he's capable of catching it, he's getting crushed at the 30. And there is a guy open way down filed, but that's an improbable long throw and catch proposition. Or is it?

  • Does this happen very often? There was a high school playoff game on Thanksgiving afternoon between Dumas and Springtown. Springtown won. Not-so-fun-fact for Springtown other than playing on a holiday: Through four games they have traveled a shocking 1,940 playoff miles.

  • A faithful reader sent this photo to me from Houston yesterday. The day, of course, is "one of the busiest travel days of the year." 

  • In a very weird move, the Supreme Court got into the arena of the legality of government imposed church capacity limitations by issuing a 5-4 ruling near midnight on Thanksgiving Eve.  I don't have any hot sports opinion about the ruling other than to say (1) man, they will get involved in anything, and (2) I still like the way Gorsuch writes. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener at Lake Bridgeport: 511 days.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold