Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: +183. I'm about to move us up a DEFCON level. That uptick looks very familiar.

  • Anecdotal observation evidence: Less and less people are wearing masks in Wise County.  I have a personal policy of giving them the Stink Eye but for only two seconds. 
  • Democrat stronghold Harris County had a record turnout yesterday. A total of 128,000 votes were cast which doubled the prior record of 60,000 set in 2016. That's stunning. I wonder, sarcastically, what could possibly be the motivation? 

  • Wise County had 2,263 people vote yesterday which doesn't mean much to me because I don't know the past numbers. Edit: The Update just told me the prior record was 1,775.

  • Trump tweeted this last night: A photoshop of Joe Biden in a nursing home. That's his winning strategy? Forget about Biden, that's Trump mocking the elderly. He's making fun of them. If you are in that demographic, how can you support this man? If you a child of parent who is in that demographic, how can you sleep at night if you vote for him? Trump is the leader of the Republican Party and he is destroying it right in front of your eyes.

  • At least he could have waited until he was off the taxpayer clock. That's Double Theft.

  • Lots to unpack here out of Odessa. The child was eight years old and not the biological child of the couple.  Her mother, who hadn't seen her in three years, was able to make time to create a Facebook post about the death. (And, for long-time readers who know how much it drives me crazy when medical examiners give opinions which aren't medically related, at least the coroner in this case only said the cause of death was "dehydration." That's all he could possibly know.)

  • Texas attorney obit. Since they put it in the same sentence, I just envision this guy walking towards the Pearly Gates firing off all sorts of hot political opinions. (And I love the Montgomery County's newspaper's name: The Golden Hammer.)

  • A heartfelt post by Mitt Romney about the state of politics ruined by a weird sentence dedicated to Keith Olberman. 

  • I've got a problem with lights flashing on the track which have been programmed to keep a runner at a particular pace. But I wouldn't have a problem with a runner having 100 coaches around the track yelling out his time has he passed by. I think that makes sense to me, but I'm not sure why. 

  • Just the other day I mentioned that the former goofy tweeting judge is now on the Fifth Circuit. Well, he doesn't tweet any longer so he has to do something to get attention, and that happened last night.  Every session, the Texas legislature passes some law that violates Roe v. Wade and every time it is immediately struck down in the courts. Last night, the most recent law was invalidated in the Fifth Circuit. The (former) Tweeting Judge Willett dissented. But in his attention seeking persona, he'll file his dissent later. And, trust me, it's going to be a dissertation on abortion law but with all sorts of witty and quotable tidbits. 

    • Willett, who will say in the upcoming dissent that the "right to privacy" is a just a made up constitutional right, once made up a "right to make money" in the Texas constitution in order to strike down a state regulation. The opinion was 49 pages with 220 footnotes (the last one quoting legal scholar Davy Crockett) of touchy-feely justifications.
  • Wise County Real Estate News: So there's a new taxing district created in 2019 by the Texas legislature for the huge new real estate development on land that Hillwood bought from the Vinson family in Rhome, and there's is only one registered voter who gets to decide whether to issue $450 million in bonds that will be paid back by taxes? Do I have that right? If so, it's mind-boggling and just makes me scream, "So what's really going on?" This story in the Messenger doesn't answer two questions I really want to know the answer to: What's the name of that one voter and did he/she get there by chance or by design? I think I can guess the answer to the latter. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold