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Random Monday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: Uh, oh. 

  • COVID quick hits:
    • The Baylor/Oklahoma State scheduled for this Saturday has been moved to the end of the year due to an outbreak at Baylor.
    • And although I feel like we are about to have a second wave, we sure aren't acting like it. Here's a list of schools ending remote learning.

    • Slidell didn't like the state basketball tournament being cancelled because of COVID and, based upon the lack of masks, they don't think too much about the threat now.

  • Speaking of. 
  • We had another killing at a protest over the weekend -- this time in Denver. Everyone is now acting like we live in a first person shooter video game.  Good lord, people.  What went down is complicated but start with this incredible photo. You can see the casing being ejected. 

    • There are an additional series of photos taken of the incident by a photographer with the Denver Post. We know there was a slap before the spraying. 

    • The shooter, by the way, was working security for a local Denver TV station although he didn't have an active license. The dead guy's T-Shirt reads "BLM. Ya Right. All ------- lives matter." 
    • And just when you think it all happened in slow motion, watch this 45 second video of the now dead guy arguing with someone else immediately before his death. He goes off screen at 36 seconds and you hear the very loud shot from feet away nine seconds later. Chilling. 
  • Trump has released a nationwide commercial which gives the impression that Dr. Fauci is talking about how great he is.  We will be deceived until the very end. 

  • It just began. Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed, and I seriously doubt the confirmation hearing will be cantankerous. The Democrats, rightly or wrongly, believe that the White House will be theirs if they don't do something to screw it up in the next 22 days. They don't want to make any mistakes in a hearing they have no ultimate control over. 

  • Sheriffs are having a banner year.

  • I'm guessing Tom Herman's reign at the Evil Empire is seeing its last couple of months. 

  • Dak should be able to make it back from his injury, but you never know. Financially, he should still be in good shape. He'll get his $31.4 million this year. As for next year, Jerry Jones is now in quite the pickle. If he doesn't want to give Dak a long term deal, his only choice is (1) slap the franchise tag him again for 2021 which means a guaranteed pay day of $38 million or (2) let him go to free agency. If he lets him go to free agency, someone will take a chance on a long term contract with a guaranteed deal of more than $38 million. I'd mangle my own ankle to be in that position. 

  • Thanks to the Fifth Circuit on Saturday, we are now back to the Greg Abbott edict of only one drop off voting box per county in Texas. All three judges who issued the ruling are Trump appointees. One of them is the former goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge who got promoted for being an online Ward Cleaver. (He doesn't tweet any longer.)

  • Mrs. LL had never seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest so we watched it on Saturday. I think she is still rocked by it. "I didn't expect it to end that way."

  • At least John Cornyn's opponent doesn't beat around the bush. (Coincidentally, eight simple possession of marijuana cases, each carrying with it up to 180 days in jail in Texas, were filed in Wise County on Friday alone.)

  • A Joe Duty photo makes an appearance. Cool shot

  • Big fan of the Messenger, but I don't think the emergency landing of a private plane by Bridgeport physician Dr. David Ray got the coverage it deserved. And, honestly, I just thought it was a guy with the same name as the longtime physician when I looked at the story. 

  • It's Columbus Day. Or not.