Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Hospitalizations: Steady. 

  • Bridgeport ISD seems to be in a COVID mess. There was little to no transparency about the Homecoming game being canceled on Thursday of last week, and yesterday they sent a letter out saying one student who has tested positive was on campus "on Friday."

  • I told you to watch this case. The Texas Rangers have already hauled off an arrested the 22 year old officer on a murder charge. There has to be a video, and it has to be really bad. But I find it very disturbing that the official DPS statement says the decision to arrest was made after a "preliminary investigation."  Preliminary? Is there some rush here?  Is there some new rule where law enforcement has to go off half-cocked before having all the information? 

  • In one of the weirdest moments of any president, a highly medicated Trump returned to the White House, fully infected with a disease there is no cure for, labored to breath, saluted for 23 seconds like he went into a trance, and then ripped of his mask before walking into a taxpayer mansion to infect people who actually work for a living. 

  • Not to mention he filmed it all, helicopter ride included, so he could post a campaign ad within 30 minutes of it happening.  All at taxpayer expense. This was all very Third Worldly. 

  • Then, once he is through the door, he films another sound bite to tell us, "Don't be afraid of COVID." Yes, don't be afraid, if you have a free helicopter on standby to fly you to free hospital, to see a free team of doctors, who will give you free experimental drugs, and then return you to your free mansion where you will have a free team of doctors by your bedside. Correction, I'm wrong about the free part. You'll have to pay $750 a year. 
  • Good lord, he just called COVID the flu again. And that's after calling it the plague two days ago. He's gone full circle to his attitude in February.  This is really insane.  Either that or the Dexamethasone side-effects are kicking in. 

  • And another. (COVID version).

  • There were some local Megachurch leaders in the audience in the Super-Spreader Rose Garden event a week and half ago.  In front of COVID-positive Chris Christie is Prestonwood pastor Jack Graham. Over there on the far left is Southlake Gateway Church TV pastor Robert Morris. (Just for fun I circled the crazy Paula White in the middle. That remind me: When is Righteous Gemstones coming back on HBO?)

  • Here's video of Kellyanne Conway and her daughter arguing (as posted by her daughter.) Everything is fine in that house.