Random Friday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas Hospitalizations: 3,556 (+37). I think that's five positive days in a row. 

  • Here are five of the six* men charged in federal court in Michigan in a plan conceived this Spring to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. (*You'll see references to 13 people but seven are charged only in state court with slightly different allegations. Regardless, they all pretty much look like these boys.)

  • Where in the world did those bubba nutcases get inspired to overthrow the Michigan government simply because they didn't like COVID restrictions? Who is their leader? Who do they admire? 

  • Everyone knew what he was talking about in April. He even got grilled about it during one of his COVID updates on the day of the tweets.

  • And you wonder why so much of modern day religion is called the "Prosperity Gospel."

  • Texas AG Ken Paxton has been in the news all week about bribery allegations and other corruption.  It looks like it all revolves around the protection of this guy who the Texas Tribune profiled yesterday.  Is everyone a conman out there?

  • Yep. I'll say it again: This is going to be bad. 

  • Legal stuff: Rod Rosenstein got torched online yesterday for this tweet. Everyone, including me, wanted to dog him because the standard to indict someone is legally one of only probable cause (and, in practice and reality, much, much less than that.) But, I'll be dang, I "did a little research" and found that the official federal prosecutor manual from the Department of Justice proves him to be, at least in print, correct. It says don't indict unless you believe you have enough "admissible evidence" to "sustain a conviction." I doubt they honor it, but it does technically back up Rosenstein's tweet.

    From the manual

  • Well, I would certainly hope so. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold