Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Oh, my! Talk about an October Surprise! The President of Anti-Maskers Everywhere has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  

  • That news knocked this off its first bullet point status. Texas Hospitalizations: 3,190 (-150)

  • If I were to be a big conspiracy theorist, I'd predict that later today or early tomorrow we hear news that all the positive tests out of the West Wing were false-positives due to a "bad batch" of tests. Now I don't think that's going to happen, but (1) it would allow him to say it is proof that all the COVID numbers are inflated, and, more importantly, (2) it sure knocked some shocking First Lady news off the front page.
    • Melania was recorded launching her own War on Christmas. (Audio.) Listen, Missy, we in America care about Christmas stuff! And you might want to check with the Baby Jesus about things like this before you start firing off these Slovenian commie views! 

    • Also in that clip, she revealed she was telling the truth when she wore that "I Don't Care" jacket.

  • Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had a banner day yesterday. 
    • In her press conference, she wasn't wearing a mask despite knowing that Hope Hicks had tested positive and the whole inner circle might be infected. 
    • Fox News' John Roberts got royally put out with her for mincing her words when he asked her to just say the White House condemns white supremacy. (Video). Afterwards, he went on his own rant about her as well as those who criticize him for demanding accountability from the Trump Administration. "Stop blaming the media! I'm tired of it!" (Watch.)
    • McEnany got mad when she was pressed to identify "the river" where "they" found "a lot of ballots in" as Trump falsely claimed in the debate. Instead of saying the President was just making crap up, she berates the reporter. It's great. Come on girl, just name the river like the guy is asking. (Video.)

    • McEnany also said yesterday that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was a "Rhodes Scholar." She's not. Barrett got her B.A. undergraduate degree from Rhodes College in Tennessee. Sheesh.  That caused some astute Cheers watchers to recall this great exchange:

  • For a party comfortably in power, the Texas Republicans are absolutely paranoid about more people voting. Why is that?  And doesn't crap like this fall clearly within the purview of the county election authorities? 

  • I was sad to see the passing of long time Star-Telegram reporter Mitch Mitchell. I had just spoken with him! He was funny and smart. My last exchange to him was him asking me "Why would the Sheriff say that?" Me: "I don't have a clue." Mitch (laughing): "Well I think I'll just give him a call and ask him."

  • This got a Fort Worth cop justifiably fired. Good lord, man. 

  • The Harris County DA's office is a dumpster fire. The judge granted directed verdicts in a case which should have never been brought against company officials after a chemical fire. 

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