Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: We are definitely in the leveling off period. For the record, I thought this would happen around 5,000. I was wrong. 

  • The corruption in Williamson County is amazing. Yesterday,  the Sheriff (who appears just a tad too cocky in his book-in photo below) as well as an assistant county attorney were indicted for evidence tampering.  It all stems from a destroyed video from the show Live PD who taped the sheriff's office killing a man after a traffic stop.  It may be unrelated but for some reason the assistant county attorney was at the scene of the incident (a practice I've always thought was dumb). 

  • Now's a good time to remind everyone to go back and visit the Michael Morton case out of Williamson County that appeared in Texas Monthly.  Morton spent over two decades in prison until DNA exonerated him. It was a ridiculously weak circumstantial evidence case brought by a Sheriff (who just happened to be a former Texas Ranger) and prosecuted by a District Attorney who would later be jailed because of his actions in the case. I reread it last weekend and had chills.
  • It's been a bad month for Texas sheriffs including this one.

  • The video of  the arrest of Trump's former campaign guru Brad Parscale has been released. He got liquored up and threatened to harm himself.  (Full video here.) Observations: (1) There was absolutely no reason for the cop to tackle the guy, (2) That's way better better treatment than he would have received if he were a black man. 

  • The grand jury declined to indict? The Tarrant County D.A. actually took the case to the grand jury? Come on, just write "refused/declined for prosecution" on the file and kill it. You don't need to use the grand jury for political cover in a case like this. 

  • Rudy Giuliani was on State TV this morning ironically questioning Joe Biden's mental faculties. This is his exact quote:  “He can’t do the prologue to the, to the, to, uh, to the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, any of them.”  Uh, uh, prologue? Watch.

  • A rattlesnake must have thought he was Pete Delkus. 

  • The election for state Senate District 30 is today. Certainly there will be a runoff. Here's a prediction: Shelley Luther makes the top two.  And is there any chance she clears 50% today and wins the thing outright? With this being the only race on the ballot and the only reason to go to the voting box, I've got a weird feeling about that. 

  • A presidential debate in the form of Jeopardy would be fantastic.

  • Ticket fans only: Jub Jub's truck got stolen this morning! It sounds like it was taken out of his driveway in Argyle. 
  • Did you see the highlights of the 5'6" Kansas State freshman running back who torched Oklahoma on Saturday? Quick loading video here
  • Hey, can a couple more of you to view my Emmy winning appearance on the Messenger's podcast where I talk about the Aric Maxwell/Lauren Whitener murder case debacle? I'm trying to set a record for most views and don't want to have to be like Trump and lie about the numbers. 
  • The cop on the right needs to be indicted for wearing that outfit . . . .