Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active cases: 12. Decatur had a high school kid test positive. 
  • Texas Hospitalizations: (+6)

  • This is pretty wild. (And it might explain how Houston Baptist almost beat them last weekend.)

  • Aric Maxwell Fiasco news coverage: Channel 11/CBS led with a story last night by reporter Jason Allen about it.  Our Sheriff, D.A., and I all made appearances. Two of three didn't sound crazy. I can't find it on the station's website despite it being the lead story. Edit: Got it. (Thanks to a faithful reader.)
  • If you ever see the clip, you'll notice a book intentionally placed behind me on my bookshelf. It is Who Killed These Girls? by Beverly Lowry about the Austin Yogurt Shop murders. I bought it right after I was court appointed to help Aric because I thought it would help me. I even teased it back then in a bullet point (see below). See some parallels between the Aric Maxwell case and the Yogurt Shop murders? I could feel it all coming back then. 

  • This is my favorite paragraph from Who Killed These Girls?  Both of the investigators, Huck and Jones, were eventually removed from the case when they didn't make a quick arrest. Their replacements did just that and the case turned into a disaster.  Huck and Jones are what you would call, "good police."

  • Bad deputy. (Allegedly).

  • So offensive you had to watch the whole thing, huh? 

  • I'm sure this story checks out. (Very random side note: I've never understood people who go to the trouble of putting on a suit and then allow their tie and collar area to look like a train wreck.) 

  • Tiger King's Carol Baskin was on Dancing with the Stars but the family of her dead ex-husband bought air time to run this commercial in Tampa and Jacksonville. (It wasn't a national commercial.) 

  • This weekend I was up on the roof trying to adjust a high def antenna as I communicated with Mrs. LL via phone who was watching the TV inside to advise about the picture quality. The key is to lock onto a station where there is no digitization in the picture. Me: "Can you get Fox?" Mrs. LL: "Yeah, but it's cutting out a little bit." Me: "Ugh. What about NBC?" Mrs. LL: "Yeah! There's a soccer game on." Me: "How is it?" Mrs. LL: "I don't know but there aren't many people in the stands."  (It was literally like the scene out of Green Acres where Mr. Douglas asked: "How's the picture?" and Eb answered, "It's pretty good but I've seen this one before." )
  • This one made me really stop down. Trump lap dog Lindsey Graham demanded his opponent release his tax returns (sounds familiar) and decided the best place to make that demand was, for some reason, a gun shop.  The South is gonna South. 

  • BagOfNothing saw the CBS11 piece on the Aric Maxwell fiasco and noticed I would look away from the interviewer and glance at the camera from time to time. That was intentional on my part because that's what I see people do who are accustomed to being interviewed. You know, a "let the audience know you know they are there" kind of thing.  But he noticed it so now I think I didn't pull it off quite like I thought I did.