Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 26 (+14 from yesterday. Say what?) The Update is reporting that Decatur, Paradise, Chico and Slidell schools now have confirmed cases. Oh, my!
  • Texas hospitalizations: 3,311 (-14)

  • Big news in not-so-far-away schools. Keller Fossil Ridge has shut everything down and going exclusively to remote learning after there were over a dozen COVID confirmed cases. 
  • Does all football, from high school to college, just implode over the next three weeks?

  • Breaking seconds ago: The Big 10 is coming back beginning October 24th. What a mess. Edit: this update . . . 

  • Who thought it would be a good idea for Trump to do a town-hall last night on ABC with George Stephanopoulos? He doesn't do well outside the humble confines of Fox News or OANN. George stepped in when he started lying to a lady about wanting to keep protection for pre-existing conditions when he's at the Supreme Court right now trying to kill Obamacare's provision doing just that with no plan in place to fix it once it is gone.

  • This has a disturbing historical ring to it: Female immigrants being held in one specific detention center (Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia) are receiving possible unnecessary hysterectomies from one specific doctor (gynecologist Mahendra Amin.)  Yeah, in the United States.

  • The Tarrant County Sheriff is killing people because he doesn't know how to run a jail: Yesterday the Star-Telegram reported that the ninth inmate died this year over the weekend.
  • Someone needs to check on Kanye this morning.

  • Aric Maxwell DNA Fiasco notes/updates: 
    • I'm really confused about how CBS11 handled their television package. There was a longer version of it that aired (including a very stylish shot of me walking into my office past my Tank Man/Tiananmen Square print, but it is nowhere to be found on their website.) Why? Is web server storage space in short supply or something? They've now got a print story up about the whole case, but still no extended video. I don't get it.
    • But after I wrote yesterday about how I paid careful attention to what would appear in the background of my shot with the CBS11 camera, many faithful readers sent in screenshots of another backgrounds of the other participants.  Trust me, these guys know their constituents. (And I've always thought Lowery's T-shirt was funny. Not sure I'd put it on camera, but it is funny.)
Ronald Reagan T-Shirt caption: "I smell hippies"

    • Boyd's own Kelsey Pierce is a producer at CBS11.
    • Funny moment as I sat down with the CBS11 crew before they put the mic on me: I pulled down the back of my jacket and sat on it. The cameraman noticed and smiled. I looked at him and said, "I learned that from William Hurt in Broadcast News."  He laughed and said, "It really does work." 
    • In all seriousness, I've got a small window to publicize this whole fiasco. In case you missed it, my press release is here. Youtube links and a ton of other links are in the end notes. 
    • I've talked to the Dateline producer again, and please note it is them calling me. They will do a story on it. And I've got an extended family member who is a Dateline fanboy who says it might get two hours. Even apart from the massive arrest/DNA exoneration screw-up, the underlying facts of the case are insanely fascinating. It could be a best selling book or movie. And I might beg Skip Hollandsworth of Texas Monthly to take an interest in it. 
    • Beside the unknown killer, no one -- and I mean no one -- knows more about this case than I do. I dedicated the entire last year of my life to learning every tiny detail about it. And I'll talk to anyone about it. 
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