Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active cases: 26 (+2)
  • Texas hospitalizations: +5.  It's way too early to tell, but that hard decline might possibly be ending. We've had two positive numbers in three days and that hadn't happened in weeks. Just a hunch. 

  • In case you missed it, Trump actually told voters in North Carolina to vote twice yesterday - once by mail and once in person. He wasn't kidding. Hours later, his lap dog AG told Wolf Blitzer he couldn't say that voting twice is illegal because it was somehow a very complicated legal question:  "I don't know what the law in the particular state says." Good lord. 

  • The Rock and his entire family got the COVID. The only thing I think about when I hear his name is to remember that he actually played for the Miami Hurricanes. He was almost set to start his sophomore year until Warren Sapp came in. 

  • Didn't expect to see this in my news feed today.

  • Nate Silver is a number crunching genius. And this is scary.  We don't live in republic if the majority never seems to get to elect those to represent them at the highest levels. 

  • But speaking of the Electoral College, here's Fox and Friends this morning: 

  • The Ticket had the organist for the Texas Rangers on the radio a few weeks back and he's, uh, a little different. I noticed via his Twitter feed that he was in Arlington the other day (he lives in West Texas and provides his musical bits via recordings) and was looking for strangers to go to lunch with him. He even pointed out what location restaurant he had made it to. There is no way I'm having lunch with a stranger and no way I'm putting out an open invitation over the Internet. 

  • This won't interest anyone but me and a couple of people who will now have to scramble to fix it, but I noticed this plea bargain and sentence yesterday in a low level Wise County drug case.  Two years is the maximum sentence for that offense. (Cause no. CR-22511).  Edit: A faithful reader from the courthouse called and said the offense was actually enhanced because of the defendant's criminal history to make it a third degree felony. (That would make the sentence a legal one since if falls within the 2 to 10 year range.) For some reason the the official county database does not reflect the enhancement. 

  • I see that Nancy Pelosi is catching heat for getting an unauthorized haircut in a salon that wasn't supposed to be open. 

  • Total population of the Wise County Jail this morning: 209.  If it has been higher than that over the last two years, I don't remember it. During the initial COVID lockdown in the spring, the number would average around 135. 
  • This is the front page of the city where we have another black man killed at the hands of police. They sure do love their front page ads in Rochester, NY: