Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active: 17 (the number has been cut in half since Thursday due to some type of Christmas miracle in August.)
  • Texas hospitalizations: +31 (a rare stop of the downward decline)

  • Remember the Baby Fern Theford case, one involving leaving a baby in a car, out of Collin County from two years ago? And remember how I constantly rant that no one in the criminal justice system understands the legal term "criminal negligence" and how people are prosecuted routinely prosecuted for tragic accidents? Well, the Dallas Court of Appeals reversed this conviction and entered and acquittal on Friday on basically that theory. 

    From court opinion

  • Not only am I The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, but I'm pretty sure I'm the first Respected Media Outlet to report on this new development in the Thedford case. Look for it to be in the metroplex news today since I've given everyone the head's up. And Texas Monthly will be coming with an update shortly since they had a story on the case by the great Skip Hollandsworth shortly after the conviction. 

  • Funny line about the Trump Boat Parades: "You have to question their judgment because, after all, they are boat owners." (As a former boat owner, I can say that. And attest to its accuracy.)
  • We've got two crazy Trump claims/statements from last night's interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham.
    • First he compares cops shooting a black man in the back seven times to just making a mistake or "choking" in golf. Ingraham tries to save him by saying, "You're not comparing this to golf because that's what the media will say." Yes, the media will say it because he compared it to golf! Watch.

    • And who knows what the heck he is talking about here. She asked him where this happened, and he said, "I'll tell you sometime." Watch

  • And Trump goes to Kenosha today after, as predicted, failing to condemn violence of all types yesterday and coming to the defense of  Kyle Rittenhouse.  No 17 year old needs to arm himself with an AR-15 and cross state lines to go looking for conflict.  Be calm, people. Everyone be calm.  Trump has the chance to say something absolutely bonkers while in the now-peaceful city today. 

  • I said from the beginning that Rittenhouse might have a legal self-defense claim for his second round of shooting.  But legally defensible does not always equate to morally justified. And often it doesn't. 
  • The NBA announced that several arenas will be turned into massive voting centers this November.  I may have missed it, but is this just going to magically happen somehow?  I mean, the AAC is in predominately Democratic Dallas County and has mass transit to get thousands in an out of there. The Republicans at the state level are just going to sit back and allow that?  Is this exclusively a county decision?  (I should know this but I don't.) 

  • We are going to see a lot of this. 

  • Official Liberally Lean Triple Confirmed Forewarn Weather Forecast: The heavy rain will hit Decatur at 11:40 a.m.  Edit: I obviously meant to say 10:15 a.m. Just a typo. 
  • "Confessing sins" is an odd headline, but those are her words from a Facebook post. She apparently committed suicide after posting about her five year relationship she entered into as a high school student with her band director. 

  • Here's a quick loading video of two women fighting on a skybridge at La Guardia in New York. Good morning.

  • Students on the third and forth floors of a Baylor dorm are confined to their rooms right now (Saturday through Wednesday) after COVID cases spiked. Food is delivered to the rooms from the cafeteria although some kids are ordering delivery from outside restaurants and rigging up a system to get it through windows.