Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 34 (but no update since last Thursday).
  • Texas hospitalizations: -317 since Friday.

  • There was a Trump Boat Parade at Lake Bridgeport on Saturday which started over by the old dam and then moved to the bridge over highway 380. It's hard to do it justice with photos, but I personally counted 297 boats, and I'm sure I missed a bunch. 

  • Wannabe State Senators showed up at the lake including hair-cutter and court order defier Shelly Luther. 

  • In other boating news:

  • Elsewhere in Weatherford on Saturday, a Black Lives Matter rally wasn't going to happen without resistance and love of the Confederacy. Good thread with pics and photos here

  • High school football fired up on Friday. Not sure about the social distancing thing, and masks seemed to be non-existent. Here's a scene from Bridgeport. (Side note: It's really cool to be able to finally watch a UIL game on youtube. But trying to keep up with no announcers and no graphics is a bit of a challenge.) 

  • In Argyle, the Eagles faced off against Decatur Eagles with a very loosely enforced 50% capacity rule. The game started with a simple, yet clever, sign by the Argyle squad.

  • Trump is headed to Kenosha on Tuesday. The odds of him somehow praising Kyle Rittenhouse while never mentioning Jacob Blake being shot in the back seven times are quite high. 

  • A guy is dead in Portland after earlier in the evening MAGA groups entering the city clashed with Antifa groups.  Extremists on both sides are going to keep dying unless someone (cough, cough) steps up to try and calm everyone down.  The conservative Wall Street Journal said today that “Mr. Trump would help Portland and his own political cause more if he called for calm on all sides."

  • A wrong way driver on loop 820 at around the 377 exit in Haltom City hit a BMW and killed three yesterday evening at around 8:30 p.m. 

  • I have no idea who Brook and Bailey are other than they are "influencers" who are going to Baylor. But they've made news because they've contracted COVID. I then I stumbled on this article about the oddity of Baylor actually paying the girls for social media posts (when paying athletes in college is 100% forbidden.) Kind of weird. 

  • It's probably a bad sign when the Desoto ISD school board has to have an emergency meeting on Sunday to accept the resignation of its superintendent right after the school year started. 

  • Random history: A Texas county collecting a poll tax as late as 1965. (If you say to yourself, "It's only $1.50 -- Who couldn't afford $1.50?" you are on the verge of figuring it all out.) 

  • How did we not know that Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman had been battling cancer for four years? When people close to you respect you, they keep your secrets. 
  • I just noticed that Boyd PD arrested at least two females out of Irving on prostitution charges in late July. That's weird. I'll find out what's going on.