Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Quite the scene in Bridgeport the other night. Messenger story here. (Subscribe to the Messenger. Give them your money.)
  • Good lord. Texas, oh, Texas.

    New cases per day
  • Wise County Active Cases: 41. We have a new record. (And continue to take those numbers with a grain of salt.)
  • Fun fact: To take something with a "grain of salt" originates from ancient Rome where a naturalist/philosopher believed that one of the ingredients of an antidote to poison was a grain of salt. Ergo, to take something with a "grain of salt" would prevent you from being killed. 
  • Prediction: Both Major League Baseball and the NBA will try to resume their seasons and then both will immediately be shut down.  The NBA will be the greatest test case because they are going to try the insulated "bubble" concept in Orlando. But did you see that Dallas' Major League Soccer team flew to Florida last week to start the exact same bubble concept and, as of yesterday, they've already had nine players and one coach test positive? This will not work.
  • The UIL is recommending that the voluntary workouts be shut down until July 13th. "Recommending"?!?! (I think this is just doing the groundwork before they completely shut it down this fall. They'll be able to say "Hey, we tried to get you to do it voluntarily but you wouldn't" or "We tried voluntary measures at first but that didn't pan out.") 
  • It's been a while since I've thrown out the national chart:
  • Don't worry, Trump said the coronaviurus is "just going to disappear" yesterday. (Yep, he said that yesterday.) And his press secretary, who truly is America's Baghdad Bob, said the explosion in cases in the various states were just "embers".

  • The shortest and most savage attack ad ever.
  • Breaking: Jeffrey Epstein's former gal pal just got arrested. I've always wondered how she's been able to avoid that. (And I suggest they might want to issue a triple "suicide watch" on her.)
  • The Washington Post opinion section finally says something I've been saying for well over a decade. (Idiocracy came out in 2006 with a tongue-in-cheek prediction of what America would be like in 500 years. They were a little off.)
  • The first reference I can find that I made to Idiocracy was on July 21, 2008.
  • Man, the Star-Telegram collecting screenshots and more of "allegedly" racist posts of this well connected TCU family is worth the cost of a subscription. What a wheels off story. From daddy to son to daughter, there's some crazy gold coming from all of them. 
  • I got a flyer in the mail yesterday as part of the Congressional seat run-off between Dr. Ronny Jackson and Josh Winegarner (where both guys are trying to out-conservative the other.) Without mentioning which one was supported by the flyer, I noticed it was from a PAC named "AG Together". It had racists overtones by attacking one of the guys by saying he's "not from here" (implying foreigner), he was part of "Obama's inner circle" (implying friends with a black man), "ties to Hong Kong investor" (implying he's tight with an Asian), and a "Candyman" (which I thought implied pedophile but actually was meant to imply he was a drug dealer.)  In any event, I looked up the PAC and it has spent $323,613 on behalf of one of the guys. All that just to get one seat in Congress for rural Texas.