Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas is setting records left and right: 

    New Daily Cases
  • Wise County: Active cases at 32. *Dramatic voice*: "At least that's what the government wants you to believe." 
  • Since some people thought that the summer heat would help kill the virus but just the opposite appears to be happening, here's an interesting question: Does air-conditioning increase the spread of the virus? It certainly worth exploring. 
  • It's July 1st which means the year 2020 is only halfway done with us. And it sure doesn't feel like a regular 4th of July week.
  • I haven't followed this bizarre Idaho case involving the deceased children but, based upon watching a certain movie, I have a working theory. 
  • Date line Austin: Silly looking "Bar Lives Matter" protesters met with silly looking DPS troopers dressed like storm troopers.

  • I visited a couple of Wise County groups on Facebook because a couple of people told me I'd be interested. Verdict: Those are some very scary and disconcerting places. 
  • Speaking of, the only Trump seems to care about lately is protecting statues honoring the Confederacy. Chalk it up to another weird thing relating to his bizarre campaign strategy. 
  • I'm so glad they have resumed press briefings by the Press Secretary. She was firing off some gold yesterday.
  • I've dogged Mark Cuban for years because I think he's got a lot of con man in him. But I loved to study how he is con man. One way he does it is to manipulate conversations.  An example is, when being interviewed, he ends his answer with a question which presupposes what he (Cuban) just said was true. It catches the host off guard every time.  He did it the other day:
  • Fox News just fired Ed Henry due to sexual misconduct allegations.
  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing runs a commercial on The Ticket where one of the owners oddly announces with glee that during these "trying times" their technicians will bring a free roll of toilet paper on his service call. A single roll. (And I keep wondering if it is packaged. I've never seen a single roll package. Do they just hand you one while the end of it flaps in the wind?)
  • No popcorn shrimp in Wichita Falls: Red Lobster got locked out of it's location for failing to pay rent. Hot opinion: There's nothing wrong with Red Lobster.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold
  • The story below is about the body of the missing female soldier from Fort Hood perhaps being found. And there was just this breaking news alert that might be related: "A suspect in a Fort Hood Criminal Investigation Division case died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as officers attempted to make contact with him early Wednesday morning."  We've got a movie plot unfolding here.