Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A weekend of massive protests without a violence. The images were stunning. This feels different, but the length of the public's attention span does not have a good track record. 
    Random Philadelphia Image
  • BagOfNothing posed a great question: This weekend, did your pastor address the George Floyd situation and all that it implies? If not, why not? 
  • A Wall Street Journal poll reveals that 80% of Americans think the nation is spiraling out of control.  Just 80%?
  • Heck of a weekend. Colin Powell says he won't vote for Trump because he lies with impunity, Mitt Romney marches with Black Lives Matters, and AG Barr says "Pepper spray is not a chemical irritant. It's not chemical"

  • Here's a list of the 17 people arrested in the big cockfighting "raid" this weekend in Wise County. I suppose this is all about animal cruelty but, then again, I hope no one had chicken fried steak for dinner last night. 
  • "Defund the police?" Good lord. Can I offer my services as a marketer of your message?  How about "Rethink Policing", "Demilitarize the Police",  or "What Would Sheriff Andy Taylor Do?"
  • Going back to my not-so-original theory of the coded language of racism, I re-watched 13th this weekend. I couldn't believe I had forgotten that the prominent phrase of coded racism by politicians throughout the last few decades has been "Law and Order". It's a not-so-subtle "us vs. them" or, at its core, "white vs. black."  (You have to see the film to understand.) Right now it is being used as code for "cops vs. black looters." It's the phrase Trump has latched onto as the nation crumbles around him. 
  • His message should be one of unity: There are some bad cops and there are some bad protesters (when they result to looting), but we have a systemic problem of racism in this country that we need to finally confront. That's simple. That's easy. But no. He wants people to choose sides. And today, as Houston holds a massive memorial service for George Floyd today, Trump will meet only with law enforcement and then hold a photo-op where where he'll frame the issue as one of either supporting the police or not. Once again, making it a "choose your side" issue.
  • And he does it another way with the false equivalency of  "Country and Flag vs. Black NFL Players." It's a messaging of division. It's a messaging of taking sides. (And never forget he called those players who kneel "sons of bitches.")

  • Coronavirus update. 
    • Wise County: Can't help ya there.  We get no updates over the weekend. 
    • Texas: We'll have the slight dip due to the typical slow reporting of weekend numbers and then we'll see if the disturbing trend continues. 
  • Speaking of, do we need to issue a Silver Alert? Somebody at least needs to check on him.
  • I'd like to report cheap packaged oatmeal with milk is a krillion times better that with water.