Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Holy crap. Trump just did this. If you had "old man bleeding out of his ears had it coming" on your bingo card, you win.  He's a madman. He's a disinformation machine. The comparisons to Hitler losing his mind during the final days aren't that funny anymore. And he's getting his information from OANN!: 
  • There's no limit to the amount of contempt I feel for that man. And if you support him, you own him. All of him. He is your leader. You have no excuses. 
  • Now on to what I had written . . . 
  • As the Coronavirus now fights to regain headlines over protesting for social justice, this post about the combination of the two made me laugh. He ain't wrong. 
  • Wise County 'rona numbers: 55 total. 5 active.  But we've had two new deaths hit the books which brings that total up to 5 as well.  
  • Texas numbers for Monday was enough to cause the seven day average to trend upwards again. More importantly, we beat the record for the current number of hospitalizations which had been set on May 5th.  So the numbers were enough for us to shut down in April, huh? 
  • This report got lots of attention yesterday, but the headline also got roundly criticized as misleading. You might want to put it in your "I'm not sure about that" category -- a category which should be bulging at the seems. 
  • You think the stock market makes any sense? Yesterday the S&P recovered to such a point that it's the same now as it was on December 31, 2019. So it's just like 2020 never happened. 
  • It won't be a lot of peoples' cup of tea, but this week's episode of  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about policing in light of the murder of George Floyd is getting a lot of buzz -- especially the way the show ended. It's chilling. (Language warning.) 
  • We are seeing lots of police departments doing lots of 180s on these arrests.  And, note, they weren't arrested in Fort Worth for "rioting" they were arrested for being on the 7th Street Bridge and being tear gassed by police. One of them was from Bridgeport, but  I never did get a name. (My Faithful Reader Army failed me.)
  • I might enjoy her more than Sarah Sanders because she's more likely to give us gold. From yesterday:
  • Man, Drudge loves sticking it to Trump.
  • The new Wall (no, not that one that hasn't been built which Mexico isn't paying for) really is ridiculous.
  • AG Bill Barr is probably in trouble this morning. 
  • UT, which still plans on holding in-person classes this Fall, says students and instructors will wear masks. Assuming that fans are allowed at football games, how will that work out there? 
  • A couple of screenshots from over the weekend. 
    DPD screwed that one up.
    Fox apologized yesterday for this one. 
  • The Colonial has the greatest field in its history this week. After experiencing the heat and humidity, most may never come back. 
  • With Cary Bohn dropping out of the Decatur's mayoral race, Decatur's next mayor will be a graduate of Bridgeport High School. (The same year as me, by the way). I'm guessing that has never happened before.