Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board (that's kind of beginning to flatten out a bit -- in the bad way.):
  • Texas (the new downward trend is still holding):
  • Wise County: 38 total. 10 active.
  • Call in Q!: A faithful reader has pointed out a discrepancy about the numbers. The above figures for Wise County are from a site provided to me by county officials. The official Texas site, however, shows Wise County has 15 active cases. 
  • Edit: A high ranking official just explained: "The dashboard is not updated as quickly as our daily line chart, as they want local officials to have data before it shows up on the public DSHS dashboard.  The DSHS dashboard is also way behind on number of tests conducted in Wise County, because we require the local clinics to also report that to us locally each day so we have a real-time daily count.  Also important to note that DSHS dashboard has 'estimates' whereas our daily report from regional  medical director is actual confirmed cases."
  • There was a pretty good video yesterday of Costco refusing service to a guy who wouldn't wear a a mask. The underrated part of it was Mr. I'm No Sheep bragging about having "3,000 followers on my Instagram feed." Video here. Language warning. 
    "Welp, see ya later."
  • Jerry would be welcomed in Costco.
    "And you can't see it, but I'm smiling when I say that."
  • Good question brought up yesterday: Once professional teams start playing again, what percentage rate of positive tests would be enough to shut a team down? 1 person? 5%? 10%? How do you set that number?
  • Pier 1 is gone. It was on life support even before the pandemic. 
  • Johnson & Johnson's baby powder is gone. You can either blame or thank the lawyers. 
  • A Texas federal judge ruled late yesterday Texas' mail-in voting law, which allows it for anyone over 65 but illegal for those under 65 unless special conditions exist, to be unconstitutional. The Fifth Circuit will probably knock it down because they now vote as predictably as a crowd at at Trump rally asking if they believe the Fake News. And also because the judge has a ridiculous writing style. Ken Paxton has already filed an appeal
  • The opposition to mail-in voting is a bad look. They aren't scared about voter fraud, they are scared about more people voting. It's that simple. 
  • And Trump, moments ago, just proved that point and demonstrated he is willing to openly extort a state to stop it. (Spoiler alert: There was nothing illegal about it. And an application is being sent out pursuant to a 2018 Michigan constitutional amendment approved by 67% of the voters. He lies every day.):  
  • And you would have at least thought he would thrown out at least one thought or prayer for Michigan while he was at it: 

  • Stephen F. Austin got crushed by the NCAA yesterday which banned it from post season play in football, baseball and basketball for one year. Why? Academics. I don't know what an "APR score" is, but SFA failed to meet that academic standard. But this weird explanation by administration officials makes me wonder what happened: “Beginning in 2013, an athletic department administrative error in the academic certification process resulted in the miscalculation of SFA’s reported APR scores,” said SFA athletic director Ryan Ivey in a statement. “Once the administrative error was identified and corrected, the APR scores of these three programs fell below the [minimum] threshold." 
  • Sports: He's worth a bonus of a few millions because the guy never gets hurt. Seriously.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold (I suppose, "The Roost! The Roost! The Roost is on Fire" would have been a tacky headline.)