Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board (we cracked 90,000):
  • Texas (is that peak a few days ago truly the peak?):
  • Wise County: Total 38. Active 10. (If my prediction that we will never clear more than 12 active cases again holds true, I'll declare myself the Dr. Fauci of Wise County.) 
  • So even though he doesn't have the 'rona, Trump said yesterday that he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure. He's either lying or crazy. But I guess we all agree he should take as much as he wants. 
  • Trump got mad at Cavuto and all of Fox News because of that. 
  • After Trump just blurted out that he was taking the drug, the the White House scrambled to have Trump's doctor issue a statement. The problem is that it neither confirmed Trump is actually taking the medication or that the doctor prescribed it. 
  • Now that's an interesting plan in order to avoid the heart of flu season: 
  • Gov. Abbott said yesterday that almost everything can open at either 25% or 50% capacity . What that really means is that everything is now open 100%. No one is going to regulate the capacity of any business. It's now a free-for-all as Abbott said we need to "find ways to coexist with COVID-19 as safely as possible."
  • One of the many questions I have is: What will college football stadiums look like this Fall? And Fall will be here in no time. Man, school presidents are in a pickle. 
    Worst College Game Day ever. 
  • I'm telling you, Mark Cuban has got a lot of Trump con man in him. There is absolutely no way to end up on the ballot now as an Independent. (And did you see he now thinks every American should get a $1,000 government check every two weeks and that it must be spent within 10 days. Why he keeps getting interviewed as an expert during these times is beyond me.) 
  • Just create a "task force" and it solves every problem, right? 
  • A guy who pled guilty in 2014 and sentenced to three years in TDC to a law which had been declared unconstitutional almost a year earlier is now entitled to restitution from the State per the Texas Supreme Court.  I still think the bigger story is that the defense lawyer, prosecutor, and judge were too dumb to know that the law had been struck down and let the guy get screwed over  Heck, I wrote about the law being stuck down on the morning it happened, and I wasn't' even handling a case involving that statute.  (He also sued his lawyer - here's the Petition. The case is really even crazier than I describe: He got deferred adjudication because of his plea and no one caught the problem again when he was revoked and sent to prison two years later. )
  • Ransomware Update: Texas appellate courts still held hostage this morning. This makes 12 days.
  • Moment of silence for an American Hero of my generation. 
    "My, you look lovely today Mrs. Cleaver." 
  • I've predicted Uber's demise, but the pandemic might have expedited the situation.  Are they still going full throttle on their construction project in Deep Ellum?
  • Oil has made a comeback but is still well below oil field viability. And anyone feel comfortable it will be there a month from now? 
  • Yesterday I posted the front page of the "topless" jeep run in Beaumont. Oh, man, you need to take a look at the local news footage covering the event. Other than the wheels off people, let's just say the ladies have access to a lot of cheeseburgers down there. (And by that, of course, I mean no disrespect.)
  • I've gone back and started watching Community which I completely missed when it came out. It's pretty funny, but I could do without Chevy Chase.