Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board (still kind of flat-lining): 
  • Texas (downward trend is still holding). But Denton had the most new cases in two months yesterday.
  • Wise County: Total 42. Active 14. Red alert! That's an increase of four active cases from yesterday. (My hopes of becoming the Wise County version of Dr. Fauci because I believed we would never crack 12 active cases again just went down in flames.)
  • Speaking of, the man has disappeared
  • I went thought the Decatur Whataburger line the other day around 5:30 p.m. for the first time since the pandamic began.  I think I would have been able to raise my own cow in less time. 
  • You might remember former Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst from when his political career started to go downhill in 2013 when he called the Frisco jail to try and strong-arm them to release his niece who had been arrested for shoplifting. He's in the news again for allegedly being assaulted by his girlfriend. The big news is that the 74 year old has a 40 year old girlfriend.
  • I did a quick blog search to see when I had last mentioned Dewhurst, and I came across an ad his campaign created in his runoff election with Dan Patrick. It was an online ad only, but it was brutal. Here's another pretty good attack ad which did make it to the air. (Both youtube videos.)
    Yep, they tracked down old footage of Patrick.
  • He's a machine of rapid fire falsehoods all in one setting. All are clipped here.
    • "They send in thousands and thousands of fake [mail-in] ballots." (Nope, "they" don't.)
    • "Voting is an honor." (It's actually something called a "right".)
    • "I was honored by the man of the year in Michigan." (He's never been declared Michigan Man of the Year not does that honor exist.) 
  • If you haven't seen the Houston area cheerleader get bit by a copperhead -- and how could you not? --  here's your chance. It's on a quick loading loop. You know, this is the first time I think I've ever seen someone being bitten by a snake in the wild. Normally, it's some guy being cocky and taunting a snake before he gets the what for from the business end of the viper.
  • I've said it for years: No contract is more lucrative than the government contract. This story is probably behind a paywall for you but I'll let you know the contract is for "contract tracing" and the small company beat out "IBM, AT&T Global Business Services and Accenture LLP". The contract is six times larger than any contract the small Frisco firm has ever had before. 
  • I posted how Notre Dame was getting creative with its Fall schedule, and now UT is doing the same. I bet this happens across the board:
  • Hey, I just asked this question about Uber and now D Magazine tries to answer it. And although the answer is, "We're not sure", I was surprised to learn that Uber isn't the entity building the proposed office tower in Deep Ellum. Nope, it's some group named Westdale that will own the structure and Uber was just going to lease it. That was never made clear during the hoopla of the ground breaking. 
  • A good question: With all this rush to Open Up America!, will attendees at any state or national Republican convention have to sign liability waivers? If so, why?
  • As predicted, it took about five seconds for the Fifth Circuit to put on hold the Tuesday federal district court ruling that all Texans can vote by mail. 
  • Remember the Georgia Senator who is a senator despite never being elected and who immediately got in trouble for allegedly dumping stock when she got inside information about how the coronavirus would wreck the economy? Well, her husband just made a $1,000,000 donation to a Trump SuperPAC. The PAC should be called "Please Don't Let Your Lapdog Justice Department Indict Me PAC."
  • Here's a detailed blog post of lady from the North Richland Hills area who caught the coronavirus. I know that it's legit, and it's interesting to see how a regular person describes the experience. It sounds like hell. One of the more interesting tidbits was this: 
  • They just keep coming despite the court shutdown: 37 new Class A and B misdemeanors were filed in Wise County yesterday
  • I was absolutely right about the Rural Uprising™, but the rural areas backed down before the uprising could really get going.