Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board. Monday new cases: 30,311.Yesterday's new cases: 33,331
    They added a 7 day average
  • Deaths. Monday: 1,55.  Tuesday: 1,970. (That's a pretty big jump.)
  • Wise County cases: 3 (unofficially it is 4 because some how it takes a "few days" for it to be officially included.) Our population was just estimated to be 70,000. So what do you think our final total will be? Under 20? Under 15? Under 10? That stagnant and low number is more ammo for the Rural Uprising crowd. 
  • Texas Deaths: 167 total. New yesterday: 16.  The State's new peak day for new cases is now projected to be April 22nd. 
  • It's about time some commissioner courts stood up
  • Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy got in hot water yesterday saying he wanted his players back on campus by May 1st.  But here's the quote that actually proves he's a nutcase: 
  • All my life I been told to be worried about the national debt. Have I been lied to? Or can the government just print $2 trillion in the blink of an eye and there will be no repercussions? 
  • Doc needs to chill. (Video here.) Side note: I wouldn't confront a group of high school girls about anything. 
  • The Fifth Circuit held yesterday that Texas' temporary ban on abortions because of the coronavirus was legal. Constitutional law is 100% making things up. During emergencies (which are defined as anyone wants to define it), any constitutional right can be "reasonably restricted" as safety "demands." That's such a murky standard that the law is whatever a particular panel of judges says it is.   But you are cheering the ruling? The court threw in that banning churches during an emergency is probably fair game, too:
  • Lawyers only: Would you want these deadlines? 
  • One thing I know nothing about is music: I had no idea who John Prine was. (Ticket fans only: George Dunham makes me cry every time he tears up, and it doesn't matter what the subject is.)
  • The police in Wichita Falls need to be put back in their place by some competent judges or prosecutors. It's bad enough they issued a shelter-in-place ticket to this homeless guy, but they also arrested him for stealing a police vehicle. What he do? As he was going back to his homeless shelter "he approached the police car and lifted on the driver’s side door handle." That's it. #TooManyCops. 
  • Yesterday Trump got rid of his press secretary after nine months who never even had one single press conference. (At least Sarah Sanders would give us the time of day by lying to our face every once in a while.) She is replaced with Kayleigh McEnany, a Fox News contributor, who said on February 25th that the coronavirus would "never come here."
  • No, I won't pick three. In fact, I won't pick any at all. 
  • This is a big feature in The Dallas Morning News today. The answer, after you stop laughing, should be an emphatic "NO!"
  • Messenger: Above the Fold