Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board. New cases Sunday: 25,316 . New cases Monday: 30,311.
  • Deaths. Sunday: 1,165. Monday: 1,255. Total: 10,871. Question: Is there anyway we are going to get close to that 100,000 number?
  • Wise County cases: 4 (3 officially)
  • I'm adding Texas deaths: Sunday: 23. Monday: 25. This Texas Projection chart says we will top out at 72 people a day on April 22nd. I was expecting much worse. 
  • Fox News was supporting the Rural Uprising last night. 
  • Everything is open in Wise County by May 1st, right? That might be too quick right after the Texas "peak", but I bet it happens.  And I also bet Gov. Abbott leaves it completely up to the counties by that time. (Yesterday, Wise County extended the bans through April.)
  • This banner graphic was from Fox and Friends this morning. The number is actually $50,000,000,000. They issued a correction. (By the way, those SBA loans are insane. One Wise County bank told me yesterday that they have paperwork ready for 21 people to close today. The program started Friday.)
  • A loyal reader asked yesterday whether the upcoming budget crunch that the State of Texas is about to have will finally be the crack in the wall that is needed to legalize weed and gambling in Texas.  It might very well be. 
  • The Dallas Morning News cut salaries yesterday. The Dallas Observer did the same in mid-March. Here's a comprehensive (and depressing) list how the coronavirus has hit the media across America. 
  • Trump had a hair trigger yesterday as he told a Fox News reporter that she needed to bow down to him. Watch it. "You should say, ‘congratulations, great job’ instead of being so horrid in the way you ask a question."
  • Is every politician a child? (Chris Hill is the Collin County Judge who first balked at shelter-in-place.) 
  • In Bridgeport early this morning, I almost hit a dumpster. A dumpster in the middle of 380.  I'm not sure how it happened, and the cops weren't even there yet, but it looks like a full sized dumpster was being carried down the highway for some reason by a trash truck, and it got knocked off when it went under the railroads tracks. (Did they forget to put it back after emptying it? That's just a guess.) An 18 wheeler had smashed into it right before I barely missed it. It was just east of Pronto's. 
  • If I had to chose one of the two, which one would I go with?
  • Faked!? Faked!? You take it back! (I've been saying for years that Aurora needs to promote that spaceship story like nobody's business.)
  • The Texas Supreme Court just made up a law yesterday extending the ban on residential evictions through April.