Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board: Cases Saturday: 30,003. Cases Sunday: 27,421. We are probably into the plateau but the weekend numbers are always under-reported. 
  • Deaths on Saturday: 1,830. Deaths on Sunday: 1,528. 
  • Wise County cases: 5.
  • Texas Deaths: 11 yesterday bringing the total to 278. (I can't find a death chart for Texas alone.)
  • The USS Theodore Roosevelt has turned out to be a disaster with 600 sailors testing positive and, this morning, we have reports of the first death.
  • I don't see Dallas or Tarrant County "opening up" by May 1st. Wise County? Man, that's a tough one. 
  • And I agree that the economy isn't a light switch you can just turn on. Say Wise County restaurants are allowed to open up on May 1st? Does the amount of business being conduted just magically go back to where it was? For restaurants, do the vast majority of people think, "I'll give it another month before I dine inside"?  Or what do we do it the converse is true: What if the line is around the block at Sweetie Pie's because people from Fort Worth and Denton will make the drive just for the chance to eat out? Are we comfortable with that? 
  • From the onset, I've been amazed how everyone just cowered down at a governmental mandate. I can't have a gathering of more than 10 in my own private home? Ok, sure. I cannot go to church? Yes, sir. I'll obey. You want to destroy my business? Fine. If America ever moves into a Totalitarian State, I think we've seen proof that the masses will go along with it with absolutely no opposition whatsoever.
  • There is some resistance to all of this: Some new federal judges who have a new style and a new attitude.
  • I am that guy. 
  • Trump was mad at Fox News this weekend.

  • You want to know how bad OANN is? When they reported that the coronavirus was possibly designed in a lab in South Carolina based upon the investigation of a “a monitored source amongst a certain set in the D.C. intelligence community", they used this picture of that source  in their report because he had used it on his Twitter profile. OANN didn't realize that it was a still from 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Mark Cuban wouldn't rule out running for President this year. The filing deadline in almost all states has already passed, and he knows that. And four years ago he complained that even when was within the deadline to file as an Independent in Texas, the hurdles make it impossible to pull off. Like Trump, he's got a lot of conman in him. And why anyone thinks he's worthy of time on any Sunday news show is beyond me. 
  • I need more "Not Robert Jeffress" in my life. (The actual gif is even better.)
  • Pete Delkus missed the forecast completely on Saturday as he was predicting 100% chance of rain across the metroplex. He whined that night claiming he was technically right and all the rest of us just aren't smart enough to understand him. 
  • Bud Kennedy posted the image below over the weekend with a link to this story about Bonnie and Clyde. That occurred right off 114. Last year the Tarrant County District Clerk found the indictment in the case. The image of it is here.
  • I stumbled upon this late night movie on network TV over the weekend. Anyone ever heard of Undrafted which was executively produced by Tony Romo and starring his brother-in-law Chace Crawford? It was horrible. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold