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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We've got our second Wise County coronavirus death. I wonder if that'll make us tap the brakes on the re-opening sentiment. 
  • The nationwide Board: Wednesday's new cases: 30,342. Thursday: 29,567
  • Deaths on Wednesday: 2,618. Thursday: 2,174. (The seven day average is still ticking upwards)
  • Texas: Wednesday's new cases: 945. Thursday: 973.  (The average still trends down.)
  • Wise County total cases: 7 (2 deaths, as noted.)
  • Jack County total cases: 3. Clay County: 3. Montague County: 5.
  • Tarrant County new cases on Wednesday: 61. Thursday: 103.
  • Politico stole my Rural Uprising™ theory yesterday.
  • I have no idea about when we should "re-open" or how it should be done. 
  • If you're interested in a series of photos of an empty Broadway at night, here ya go
  • Facebook (the company) has cancelled any gathering involving greater than 50 people through June 2021.
  • A new Gallop poll shows that the Rural Uprising™ sentiment is not widespread. At all. 
  • Decatur's gas is cheap. I never thought I'd see those prices again. (Photo from yesterday.) Bridgeport was still at $1.65 yesterday evening. 
  • So it's going to be like this? Sheesh.  
  • I'm always confused how sometimes I'm in total agreement with a far right wing Empower Texans Republican. Especially him. 
  • If you had an appointment with Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, or Dr. Drew you might want to rethink that. 
  • Wichita Falls County deputy news. Legal stuff: That statute is getting complicated.
  • Brian Dennehy died yesterday. I felt like I saw him in everything, but looking at his filmography makes me second guess myself. But one of my favorite rolls of his was a pretty small one: The D.A. in Presumed Innocent
  • He was also in Cocoon, but I didn't remember that (which probably means I've not seen Cocoon in over twenty years). Speaking of, we have an impressive Brimley/Cocoon line this morning. Remember the Super Bowl halftime?
  • Andrew Cuomo always has a slick powerpoint presentation running while he speaks at his daily press conferences. This made me laugh. 
  • I had a college geology teacher who told the class that midnight and noon were neither a.m. or p.m.  There are few things which have stuck with like that. (Fun fact: A current candidate for the Bridgeport City Council School Board was sitting next to me when he said that, and we both looked at each other with "That can't possibly be right" expressions.) 
  • Today's cold front will hit Wise County in about 15 minutes.