Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • My faithful readers are apparently very interested in The Lady With the Unnaturally Perfect Mouth and Teeth. I was informed that she once made the Dallas Morning News as a simple high tone Highland Park school parent objecting to book being taught in class. "Tavia Hunt, a parent who raised objections, said she doesn’t want her sophomore daughter or any students to feel uncomfortable in English class because of graphic sex scenes." The book was The Art of Racing in the Rain. It was one of seven books "banned" which included, ironically, The Working Poor: Invisible in America.
  • Whatever happened to the "Kids In Cages" case out of Rhome? I should know, and I don't know. 
  • Can we just proclaim me the Greatest Weatherman In Show Business? How many of you turned to your spouse this morning and said, "Darling, I thought Barry was just doing a weather bit, but he really has an understanding of the atmosphere which makes me really respect him as a scientist as well as a person. He has perfect forecasts"?   And just look at Delkus this morning who is trying to shove "wintery mix" into everything -- even when it is 200 miles away.
  • That was one heck of a brawl at Kansas/K-State game last night. Video here and here.
    Hey, that's a chair!
  • Here's the Rangers' "old" ballpark with its last minute renovations to become an XFL stadium:
  • Rep. Kay Granger is in the cross-hairs of the West Texas big money PAC, Empower Texans, as the money men endorsed her Republican opponent for the upcoming primary. (That's no guarantee of a win. Texas State Senator Konni Burton, even with Empower Texans' checkbook, managed to lose to a Democrat a couple of years ago.)
  • I can't say I'm familiar with the fine work of the group BTS, but enough people like them that they'll play two shows at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park. That's a lot of fans. 
  • According to the Update, there will be a 2,000 home development in Wise County's New Fairview (whose local government can be very Wheels Off at times). But his sentence got my attention: "Water and sewer for the development would be provided by Aqua Texas." I'd want to know a lot about Aqua Texas before I signed off on that deal.  
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     Support local journalism. #DontSueMe
  • I've had a couple of people send me a copy of this Motion for New Trial in Tarrant County alleging a violation of Brady and the Michael Morton Act. As a faithful reader told me, it may be too "in the weeds" for most of my audience, but some might find it interesting.
  • Speaking of motions, I'm working on, "Motion to Have A Jury Who Views My Client Just Like The Senate Jury Views Trump" and "Motion to Exclude All Witnesses and Evidence and For Immediate Verdict of Acquittal." 
  • I have mentioned before  the Conviction Because of a Traffic Accident case out of Tyler which was featured in Texas Monthly. Last week Texas' highest criminal court refused to hear the appeal. 
    • The case, because of the lower court ruling which released him, will go back to a Tyler district court for a punishment hearing where the jury will decide between 2 and 10 years or give the defendant probation.  
    • He had hoped for an outright acquittal out of Austin. 
    • Shout out to one of the lawyers in the case who emailed me about the development. I missed it last week.
    • Heck, this case now needs to be pled. He has a felony conviction and he's already served a year and a half in prison. The State needs to offer the guy probation. Heck, giving him time served even sounds fair. 
  • The Maverick's Dwight Powell had his Achilles snap on him last night. If you are into that sort of thing, you can watch it here.  I had the exact same thing happen to me in the early 2000s. It completely popped and tore, and my calf muscle rolled upwards into a ball. Did it hurt? You bet. But not as bad as you would think. It felt like someone had shot a tennis ball out of a cannon into the back of my ankle, but after that it really wasn't that bad. (And it got me out of going to a wedding that night.) 
  • I've never seen so many politicians and celebrities file defamation lawsuits. Maybe we do live in a world of snowflakes. (Press release and link to the lawsuit, which starts out wildly, is here. Note: I would say her lawyers are crazy because they'll never get a dime, but I'm afraid they'll sue me. Oops.)
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