Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • So the apartment complex murdered him? I thought the family supported the DA's position that there was "no excuse" for the shooting? And nothing relieves your grief like asking for a big bag of money.
  • Rob Lowe wore an NFL cap yesterday. An. NFL. Cap.  Sheesh.  (Side note: The fact that any version of 911 is popular is proof positive that some people will watch anything. Side note #2: How much did they have to pay Lowe to get him to do 911: Lone Star?)
  • After the Chiefs won the AFC Championship, I was fascinated to learn that the lady on the left, the widow of Lamar Hunt, is 81 years old. And I was equally fascinated by the other lady's mouth. It was unnaturally perfect. 
  • There was a shooting at a "River Walk" club in San Antonio, but I had my graphics department prepare an expensive visual aid to show that the river walk is a lot longer than you might think.

    "Circled" portion is the well known area. The shooting
    was on the 1000 block of Avenue B.
  • It's a little hard to explain that these are the stats for the winning quarterback in an NFC Championship game. And it's a little hard to explain the look that Aaron Rodgers threw down yesterday.
  • Compare and contrast: Look at these two college quarterbacks, especially Mahomes, in a bizarre game in October of 2016.
  • It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 
  • There's a gun rally in Virginia today, and in anticipation of it, six neo-Nazis who are a part of a group called "The Base" have been arrested. While briefly listening to WBAP this morning, Brian Estridge caused me to raise my eyebrows when he questioned the arrests and asked "Why?" they were arrested and pointing out the right to free assembly.  Maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds like it was an imminent threat to kill anti-fascists.  (Hal Jay then caused a major stop down when he decided to defend the Virginia governor for banning guns in the capitol building by challenging his co-hosts to "Name me a capitol where guns are allowed!")
  • Edit: Here are the Open Carry guys showing up this morning. Video. (They keep coming.)
  • Now Trump's lawyer for the Impeachment Trial is taking the position I thought Trump should have taken all along. Instead, back then, they called honorable men and women who testified in front of the House committee liars. 
  • I've seen more pictures of Trump and Lev Parnas together than Trump and Barron. 
  • This story was getting a lot of attention over the weekend. A bold future is coming. Combine data mining of everything about you (which you've already freely given up online for a couple of decades) coupled with a third person being able to link that data by simply capturing an image of your face, and that's where we are headed. It's an episode of Black Mirror where you put on a pair of high tech classes and people are named and "ranked" as you scan a room. And you will set the "ranking" parameters -- things you want to be alerted to -- with scores for items like criminal history, religion, number of marriages, credit ranking, health risk, a Twitter online bully score, etc.  And, of course, law enforcement will have it before the rest of us.
  • Perfect fit. The guy who advocated impeaching a President for lying about sex will now defend the most epic liar in presidential history.  (Trump called Starr a "lunatic" in 1999.)
  • Uh, you boys are wearing camouflage in space?
  • The National Archives -- which I'm an expert on because I was just there -- has apologized for this and will remedy the "error."  This is a little North Koreay™. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold

They don't have color ink in Kansas City?