Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Just announced: Time's "Person of the Year." Man, this will trigger the far right-wingers. (Back when she was making headlines a few months back, I overheard the Seventeen Year Old In The House refer to her simply as "Greta." I hadn't said a word about her. She and her friends had been talking about her at school.) 
  • Also triggering the right wingers is something that happened yesterday for only the fourth time in our nation's history:
  • Bridgeport is looking for football games next Fall.  Wichita Falls Hirschi, Brock, and Sweetwater have responded. (Matt Stepp works for Dave Campbell's Texas Football and is the unofficial game broker in Texas.)
  • Well, this is a shocking development in the Lottery/Sex Abuse case out of Wichita Falls with the very, very high priced lawyers out of Plano:
  • Teach your kids how to pitch. Gerrit Cole just signed with the Yankees for nine years and $324 million.  My Bridgeport math skills tell me that is $36 million a year. And it's guaranteed. (The quirky part is that he can opt out after year six if he thinks he could make even more money on the open market.)  In comparison, Zeke Elliott's contract was for $50 million guaranteed and he'll probably be done after three more years and then will have trouble walking the rest of his life.
  • One of my internal personal games is the go-back-in-time-and-make-a-bet game. I've got a new one: If I would have been told on Monday that the coach of one of the big four (Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers, or Stars) would be fired on Tuesday, how much would I have bet in real money that it would be Jason Garrett? Answer: A fortune.
  • I'll never understand how there are 40% of the people in America who aren't horrified by this. I liked this quote from yesterday: "This is Russia, on U.S. television, inside the White House, lying to the American public about its attempts to destroy our elections and our democracy, with the permission and endorsement of the President of the United States."
  • And it is a true endorsement of Russia by Trump. (By the way, not only did Lavrov deny Russian meddling, he denied even discussing it with Trump despite what Trump says.):
  • Nine Dairy Queens in the metroplex suddenly closed over the weekend. They were located in Fort Worth, Euless, Hurst, Keller, Grand Prairie and Roanoke. They had to all have been owned by the same guy, right? 
  • I was going to post a pretty funny Tweet from a high ranking law enforcement officer in Wise County today, but the account has suddenly disappeared. 
  • Wow. Another Houston-area officer killed. 
  • A wrong way driver on I-30 in Fort Worth was killed near the Montgomery exit early this morning. 
  • The shootout in Jersey City was wild yesterday. Here's a couple of quick loading videos herehere and here.
    (These are the cops. I think.)
  • Wilt Chamberlin once scored 100 points in an NBA game in Hershey, PA. Last night Trump gave one of his rambling speeches in Hershey, PA. Also last night, a player from Wayland Baptist scored 100 points. 
  • Whatever happened to the investigation of the Denton County Sheriff's Deputy who shot a man in the back and killed him?
  • Someone asked this morning on the radio if the partially domed old Texas Stadium had air-conditioning. Everyone said "no" which, of course, makes sense. But I've got this crazy memory of big a/c vents around the top of it to at least provide some relief to the crowd in the upper deck. Yet, I don't trust myself on this one. 
  • By my count, 16 people have been arrested in Wise County since yesterday morning. That may not seem like a lot, but that's a lot. 
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