Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • When are we going to admit that Saudi Arabia is a problem?
  • The Baylor/OU game was almost as insane as the first one. I'm not sure how Baylor wasn't behind 50-0 at halftime. But I'm also not sure Baylor wouldn't have won by two scores if the third string quarterback hadn't been put in "sooner." (Rock me.) In any event, the Bears go to the Sugar Bowl to face Georgia (who beat Texas last year according to ESPN.)
  • There was some kind of Pentecostal rally in the White House on Friday. (Video). I suppose everyone is fine with that room being used this week for a Muslim afternoon prayer, right? Trump's new questionable faith adviser, Paula White, can be seen helping lead it. (There was no word if she again asked everyone to give her $229 pursuant to 1 Chronicles 22:9 or if they were "invited to instead pay $31, a number reached by adding the numbers of the verse in the Bible—22 and 9.")
  • It's now heading into winter time, so it is also time for the worst weatherman in the metroplex to start with his his Boy Who Cried Wolf routine. He's already at it:
  • Unlike that fraud on our profession, I, the most Trusted Name In Weather, predict today's cold front hits Wise County at 1:25 p.m.  There will be rain later becoming heavy around 10:00 p.m. and peaking after midnight. No snow. No sleet. No ice. 
  • Lane Kiffin has been named coach at Ole Miss. He was fired by the Oakland Raiders after one year by the late Al Davis going full scorched Earth on him at a press conference that wouldn't stop, he almost caused a riot at Tennessee after he left the school after one year to go coach USC, and USC fired him mid-season at an airport (really).  
  • Yolanda Waters, the chairwoman for Galveston County's Republican party, is facing pressure from top Republicans to step the heck down after this racial slur.
  • A church in California is throwing down some hot opinions.
  • It got buried in the news, but Trump had some insane thoughts about new showers and toilets on Friday. Did you know people have to flush toilets 10 or 15 times for success? (It's even better when you watch it.)
  • Netflix has a new docu-series called The Confession Killer about Henry Lee Lucas.  Wise County's own Phil Ryan is on camera and interviewed a lot.  It looks like Phil did a good job on the first two legitimate cases out of Montague County.  After that, others took over and probably created one of the biggest hoaxes in criminal justice history.
  • Lucas got all the hysteria rolling after his first appearance in the Montague County District Court where, after being asked if he was competent to stand trial for murder (weird) said, "There is about a hundred women out there that says different." What's crazy is that the moment was caught on film and shown in the documentary. The judge is shown leaning down to the clerk and asking, "What'd he say?" What cameras were doing in the courtroom in 1983 -- especially up there -- is a mystery to me. (Here's the UPI story after that happened which opened the flood gates.)
  • This is real. The FBI wants you to volunteer to give them your fingerprints. 
  • Trump's Medicare chief thinks her government employer is an insurer of her ridiculous travel items. 
  • Elsa Alcala was a former judge on Texas' highest criminal court until she voluntarily chose not to seek re-election. She's now active on social media. I wish she had been as bold in scolding the State in her opinions.
  • Fort Worth resident Larry Myers was also a judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals until, for some reason, he switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic party and lost. Now he's taking a run as a Democrat in hopes of catching a Blue Wave in Tarrant County. (Remember: Beto beat Cruz there two years ago.) I tried to figure out his age without success. He's been around a long time.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold