Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • In response to my question yesterday of "Do people not value their time?" (when I saw the pic of people standing in line to get a chicken sandwich), I had a wise guy immediately send me this message:

  • The Star-Telegram has a big story about potential growth in Wise County. A lot of the focus is on the 3,000 homes which are part of the Sendora Ranch project right on the Wise/Tarrant County line off 287. (The link is OK to read on a mobile device. On a laptop or desktop, your browser will slow to a crawl.  Dear, ST, you have got to get a hold of that problem.) 
  • There was also a Star-Telegram story on a prostitution bust at the Radisson Hotel off Meachum Blvd on I-35. I expected to see it to be the typical crime-creation sting operation where guys are lured to cops posing as prostitutes. Nope. Twenty-two females were arrested. I'm guessing cops were responding to online ads and getting the gals to pay them a visit in the hotel. But aren't a lot of those ads placed by traffickers who are using the girls? Are they targeting the right people?
  • Met Life Cat!  (When he crossed into the end zone, I knew the crowd would erupt.) If you haven't heard the radio call, it's pretty funny.
  • The cat didn't surpass the touchdown run and its play-by-play call of a squirrel from a few years back.
  • We are getting closer to getting Trump's tax returns. A federal appeals court ruled with lightning speed yesterday that they must be disclosed. Unless the Supreme Court steps in, we'll finally get to see what he is hiding. (Unless he just ignores the ruling with impunity which somehow he always gets away with.) 
  • State troopers showed up yesterday in Austin to oversee the throwing out of the homeless from a homeless camp under an overpass. I wonder if any trooper ever says to his buddies, "I didn't sign up for border patrol, I didn't sign up to patrol the streets in South Dallas, and I dang sure didn't sign up to babysit homeless removal." 
  • Trump welcomed the Washington Nationals to the White House yesterday. 
  • Roger Stone's trial starts today. It'll be bonkers. Yesterday the judge ruled that the government can introduce a portion of the script of The Godfather II, but can't actually play the clip (unless the testimony of the defendant or another witness changes things.) That's a heck of a start.
  • Yeah, I now the "Now This" videos have a liberal slant, but the one about Trump's new spiritual advisor, Paula White, is worth a watch. She's a nutcase and right out of The Righteous Gemstones. Fun fact: She's married to Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain. 
  • A faithful reader sent me this screenshot of her monitor from somewhere in communist America yesterday!
  • More shady Texas judge appointments you'll never hear about: Republican Judge David Evans lost his job on the Dallas appellate court fair and square in the last election. Yesterday, one year after losing that election,  Greg Abbott put him back on on the court via an appointment to fill a vacancy. (And Abbott had already helped him out by appointing him to a district judgeship in February.) There's no one else qualified?
    Flag Code violation and, worse, a Fashion Code violation.
  • Trump will attend the Alabama/LSU game where he certainly will not be booed. Nixon's staffers had the same strategy as well.
  • Hey, look! Trump got worked up by Fox News this morning so now he's going to send troops into Mexico to fight their internal war and we are going to pay for it! (Spoiler alert: I'll never happen. You know by now his words mean nothing.)
  • Seriously, he got all of that from Fox News. Here is the segment that he watched.
  • All of this Mexico/Cartel talk has been prompted by the story of nine people of a Mormon clan with Mexican and American duel citizenship being killed in Cartel territory. The killings are awful and senseless, but that group has an interesting back story: Just Google Ervil LeBaron and his lineage and ancestors. (I first heard of the LeBarons in Jon Krakauer's book, Under the Banner of Heaven.)
  • It's behind a paywall, but The Athletic has a feature on Bridgeport's Colin Jones . . . 
  • I avoid texting, but I learned yesterday most people text with their thumbs. I don't. I tried it. That's easier.