Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, once again I have proven that I'm the most trusted man in news and speculation. How am I not paid for stuff like this?:
    • Remember my bullet point from just six days ago?
    • Well look what happened last night!: 
    • All of this comes on the heels of  the sheriff's office in the Greenville announcing they were "100% sure" they had the right guy. All the while, the defendant was screaming to anyone who would listen that he was innocent. 
    • It's truly amazing that an arrest for capital murder could be made on such flimsy evidence. But credit to law enforcement (which I truly suspect, behind the scenes, means the DA's office) for killing that case right away. In any high profile case where a deputy goes off half-cocked or a sheriff may have authorized an arrest for his own political purposes, it needs to fixed and fixed immediately by those in authority who are smart enough to realize the cluster which has occurred. 
  • A big story this morning out of the metroplex is that four high school students from Community ISD were killed last night in a wreck near Lake Lavon. I had never heard of Community ISD which I learned is in "southeastern Collin County and includes the towns of Copeville, Josephine, and Lavon." It actually sits in a tiny town called Nevada. 

    The wreck occurred at Lake Road and State Highway 78

  • Regarding the Fort Worth cop who shot the woman who was in her own home: Am I the only person to think that was a really odd question to ask? That wasn't an interview to join the military or be a hit man. 
  • The Virginia legislature turned Blue last night, and the Republican governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, was defeated. (Trump campaigned for Bevin at a rally two days ago and said, "If you lose, they're going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the greatest. You can't let that happen to me!”) Fox News is not handling the election results well and is in denial this morning. 
  • This guy won a place on the Granbury ISD school board last night. He's concerned about "Beta" coming for your guns and churches. (h/t Bud Kennedy)
  • Texas approved all of its constitutional amendments last night except the one concerning elected municipal judges holding more than one position. The amendment was actually complicated and limited in scope, but I'm guessing it was defeated by the average voter thinking, "I'm voting on allowing a judge to hold multiple judgeships and make more money? Aren't judges also lawyers? I'll vote no." Or maybe people just hate municipal judges.
  • I told you yesterday those prostitution arrest at the Radisson hotel off Meacham Boulevard seemed to be focusing on the wrong people. Someone agreed with me yesterday afternoon:
  • One faithful reader contacted me about Cassidy's which is the club/bar located in that Radisson. It's been notorious over the years as a pickup joint for middle-agers. But my super secret confidential source told me the last time he was there it had the very odd crowd of older biker-type guys and a huge group of young females who just happened to be Asian. And they didn't seem to know each other  -- at least when the evening began.  I offer this, of course, without judgment.
  • The right wing crew on WBAP were questioning the conviction and upcoming execution of Rodney Reed this morning. To their credit, they had serious concerns. Yesterday, however, the lead Texas prosecution association, TDCAA, mocked everyone's concern in a tweet they have since deleted. Somehow, oddly, it invoked Michael Jackson which caused a nun to tell them to "delete their account." (I'm confused, too.) The snarky account then showed about as much contrition as possible with the tweet below (and then got crucified in the comments.)
  • Sheriff Joe, who was pardoned by Trump, can't catch another break. What I can't figure out is how any lawyer is dumb enough to take these cases to start with. (Side note: Despite losing two elections in a row, he's running for sheriff again.)

  • Impeachment Shocker: Somehow in all of the news it gets buried that the ambassador who was in Trump's corner,  Gordon Sondland,  had to actually revise his sworn testimony before the Impeachment Inquiry to say, yes, there was a quid pro quo. He said his "recollection" had been "refreshed" after reading the transcripts of the other witnesses.  (That means he feared a perjury charge.)
  • I'm not sure I've heard of this before: A Texas appellate judge has submitted her resignation because of complications from Alzheimer's.
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