Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Friday between a major holiday and a Saturday but who's here? This guy.
  • And call me old school guy, but back in the day this would never, ever happen. Nor would you ever catch Staubach (or even Aikman) smiling after a loss. That's part of the problem. 
  • That's Cole Beasley, of course. Beasley scored yesterday. That score prompted CBS to put up a graphic naming him as one of only three former Cowboys to score a touchdown on Thanksgiving against his old team. One of those three was also Duane Thomas. On Wednesay, I mentioned, as a very obscure fact, that Duane Thomas scored against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving forty-five years ago. Coincidence? 
  • Fans of the Bills actually showed up at the airport last night when they arrived?
  • I hear "he would have scored if . . . . " a lot. I normally disagree. He would have scored:
  • A faithful reader, who understands the fraud perpetuated upon us with the "Busiest Travel Day of the Year" narrative, sent this from Houston's Bush airport.
  • I found a case where everyone involved needs to be disbarred. And I mean everyone: the prosecutor, the defense lawyer and the judge. A guy spent two years in prison for breaking a law that had been declared unconstitutional, but none of three knew it had been declared unconstitional! (Heck, I did a blog post on the law being struck down on the day it happened.) They story is behind a paywall here. Various briefs about the case can be heard here where the Texas Supreme Court will soon decide whether the defendant should be compensated by the State. That's where I got this:
  • I saw these this picture over the weekend. Tablets given to a schoolroom full of kids which would supposedly reveal red splotches to indicate if, and how well, you brushed your teeth that morning. I was in one of those classes.
  • The Evil Empire plays Texas Tech today at 11:00 a.m. as the pressure is mounting on Tom Herman. The unofficial over/under on the crowd in rainy weather is 60,000. Side note: I saw this photo from last Saturday which is great but not as great as the throw that Ehlinger got off as he was being hit. And he completed it. You can't see the ball, but the receiver can barely be seen on the far left.  And this was after Ehlinger almost had his head torn off. Quick loading video of it is here.
  • So is this bullet point:
  • Throughout this whole Ukraine controversy, I've heard the voice of the guy in a Seinfeld episode saying, "You not say Ukraine weak!"
  • The dog deserves a settlement, too.
  • Fox 4 seems to be struggling this morning. This poor purse got robbed and the headline even has a typo.
  • Trump went to Afghanistan yesterday. All gave some. Some gave all. 
  • Ole Miss lost to Mississippi State last night in the most Mississippi way ever.  This guy scored with four seconds left. All they needed to tie it after that was an extra point - an extra point which, because of this fool, then became a 35 yard extra point. It was missed. 
  • It's Black Friday. Is it me, or are we getting less and less videos of crowds trampling each other like Barbarians? Blame online shopping and stores opening on Thursday for depriving us of this basic right of entertainment.