Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Everyone is bent out of shape about the Cowboys not going for it on 4th and 7 from the 11. You probably should be. If you don’t make it, the Patriots get the ball on the 11 (or further back) and you need a touchdown. If you make the field gold, the Patriots will get the ball probably around the 25 and you need a touchdown.  (Kicking a field goal is the equivalent of going for it on fourth and getting sacked back at the 25. You're in the same position.)
  • Another Cowboy note: All of last season (that’s 256 games), tripping was called nine times. The Cowboys were flagged twice yesterday for it in one game.  I saw someone suggested this morning that Patriot's coach Bill Belichick saw something during the week and pointed it out to the refs before the game.  If true, coaches shouldn't be allowed a pre-game ex parte communication with officials.  Both coaches should be present. 
  • The Decatur Eagles’s infinite road trip continues this week: They go to Lubbock for their next playoff game. Has Springtown had to travel this much? (I'll check and tell you tomorrow.)
  • Random thoughts about high school games I don’t care about but still made me take notice: (1) Denton Guyer had to come back from 41-14 deficit with five minutes left in the third quarter and did so by recovering three onside kicks, (2) the photo below showing a touchdown reception -- and video of the play here --  is of Rockwall’s wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba who is committed to Ohio State and who scored five touchdowns in the win over Allen, and (3) he got the game winning two point conversion reception which is a must see because the play was close to disaster.
  • House of Cards: Uber has lost its license in London.
  • Rick Perry this weekend vs. Rick Perry on July 22, 2015.

  • UT’s coach, Tom Herman, received a $25,000 bonus for becoming bowl eligible this season. (If you haven’t seen his pre-game head butt with a player before the loss to Baylor on Saturday, you have to. That fourth one looks like it hurt.)
  • Old bad sport’s take from UT’s SBN account back when Matt Rhule was hired at Baylor:
  • When in college, I went down to UT for a game with a buddy who had an internship with the Denton Record Chronicle as a photographer. He shot the football game and, after that, he had to run over to some building to develop his black and white film and somehow send it magically to Denton. I still don't know what technology he used -- this was probably 1983.  Fast forward to now. This photograph is transmitted to my phone within five minutes of when it happened.  (Side note: Those are the ugliest Baylor uniforms in the history of ever.)
  • There’s a cure for this, you know. 
  • I different kind of impeachment bullet point:
  • Wait a second! Didn't this happen (on a larger scale) exactly at this time last year?
  • I tuned into Dennis Prager on Friday to hear what silliness he was peddling and ended up hearing a Bill O'Reilly commercial for some get rich quick scheme that sounded like it was recorded in a barrel.  I shouldn't have been surprised. 
  • I replaced one of these bad boys this weekend. And I finally decided it was worth a few bucks to by a voltage tester pen. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold