Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A former Bridgeport resident, Elaine (Taylor) Hays, is running to replace Congressman Mac Thornberry who decided to not run again. The district includes half of Wise County. (I wonder if we are the smallest Texas county to be split by a congressional line.)
  • Texas requires what?! (Story.)  It's not quite as diabolical as set forth below. A dog, like all surplus "property", could currently be given to a charitable organization as well. The new law creates a loophole which will allow the dog to be given to the dog's handler, a practice -- albeit illegal -- which has probably been going on without complaint for years.
  • The Southlake PD twitter feed is pretty funny when they make an arrest (here's a thread from yesterday involving a branch of First Financial), but one of these days they are going to embarrass someone on Twitter who was wrongfully arrested and are going to get sued.  Throwing in a a mocking "allegedly" one or two times won't save them from a defamation claim. 
  • Idiocracy.
  • There are people like Jonathan. Don't be like Jonathan. (He not only deleted it, but he also deleted his account.) Edit: Wow. This story from 1016 is about Jonathan. The victim just happened to be Hispanic. The Internet mob is reacting as you would expect.
    Even had to throw in the white power hand sign.
  • And don't be like this Congressman.
  • Decatur's own Bryce Elder is the featured player of the University of Texas this season. Last season he "finished the year with a 2.93 ERA in 83 innings pitched over 13 starts...led the Longhorns with 86 strikeouts during the season."
  • The former weather gal over at Channel 8/WFAA has freed herself from the bondage of meteorological maps.
  • I still think this is all a house of cards. I bet this sentence never comes true: "The 23-story, 470,000-square-foot office tower will house thousands of Uber workers when it opens in late 2022."
  • As I've been reading again about the Comanches in around North Texas, it is still stunning that the most famous Comanche of all -- the leader of a group that did savage and almost unspeakable things -- began wearing formal wear and became "a regular invitee to public events in Dallas and Fort Worth, including the Texas State Fair, the annual convention of the Texas Cattle Raisers’ Association and the annual Fort Worth Fat Stock Show."
  • Baylor remained unbeaten last night in an ugly game. I'm not sure how you hold West Virginia to 14 yards rushing, 219 total yards (83 of that on one play), and only win 17-14. I bet Baylor will be underdogs when they play TCU a week from Saturday.
  • It's November 1st. Get ready.
  • All school districts had to turn in their attendance/"snapshot" numbers by today. Most already have. Two years ago, Bridgeport was at 651 but is now down to 618.  Other numbers for 2017/2019 comparisons are Decatur: 1054/1022, Chico 163/162, Alvord 212/214, Boyd 401/411, Paradise 349/355. (Source)