Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a shooting at an off campus party at Texas A&M - Commerce over the weekend where two were killed. Things got weird and weirder last night when gunshots were fired at the vigil for one of the victims in Pleasant Grove. Some vehicles were hit. One news crew captured the sounds of the gun being fired. There's something weird going on with this case.

    Not sure why WFAA decided to go with this photo of the victim.
  • Trump learned that going out in public is not the same as going to one of his rallies when he decided to go to the World Series game last night. 
    • He was booed with chants of "Lock him up!"
    • And this:
    • And this: 
    • Side note: How in the world does he not take Barron to the game? But he did, I suppose, bring the next best thing.
  • I went by the Paradise Historical Museum on Saturday, and I'll be posting a couple of things throughout the week. Here's a couple of them. (Shout out to Ms. Gay Read for showing us around.)
    • 1924: A girl in some kind of parade by the courthouse, and no one knows who she is. 
    • This isn't that old, but a beloved teacher had to sign a standard "I am not a Communist" declaration in 1958:
  • A former U.S. Attorney and professor at the University of Alabama might have said one of the dumbest thing a prosecutor has ever said: 
  • There's nothing like killing a terrorist but then posing for a picture. There's no way that's a "real time" photo although there still isn't conclusive proof he staged this. 
  • As a Baylor fan, let me say it was a good weekend to have an open date. 
  • In Pittsburgh this morning: 
  • I finally watched Ex_Machina - a sci-fi film on artificial intelligence. Not bad, but I like stuff like that. And I did love this line from the protagonist (who is basically the founder of Google but also a mad scientist obsessed with creating the perfect AI robot): "My competitors were fixated on sucking [the Internet] up, and trying to monetize via shopping and social media. They thought engines were a map of what people were thinking. But actually, they were a map of  how people were thinking. Impulse, response. Fluid, imperfect. Patterned, chaotic." And he used the "how" to create A.I.
  • This guy has a weird gig. He's a criminal defense lawyer (and sometimes gives guest commentary to local media), but he also is the spokesperson for the Duncanville Desoto PD. He'll just pull on a Duncanville Desoto PD shirt and go down to a crime scene to give a statement. 
  • A few months ago I said I never see this type of playground equipment any more. Then BagOfNothing goes and rides one this weekend. (Video)
  • Radio news: I never listen to them, but "Ben and Skin" are out at The Fan 105.3. And that relationship ended abruptly.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold