Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A group of  Republicans in the House stormed into the Impeachment Inquiry room because, they said, the process was being conducted "in secret."  The trouble is, it's not. Of the members of the House, there are 55 Democrats and 48 Republicans who have a right to be there and ask questions of witnesses due to their position on three select committees.
    Moments before the "The Running of the Confused White Men"
  • Girl, you are all of us. 
  • But, wait, there's more. That protest consisted of 41 Republicans. More than a quarter of them, 13 in fact, were part of the  aforementioned 48 Republicans who already had privileges to watch the proceedings. They were protesting for a right they already possessed. 
  • A message from the President of the United States. If you are a Republican and you don't approve of him personally, you are "human scum." 
  • This is a legitimate story. Big thumbs up. And to make it even better, normally the runner's name would have been printed on his bib, but he decided to do a bit by entering under "Jesus Saves."
  • I'm not a music fan but this morning I was listening to an acoustic song on KXT which seemed incredibly familiar. The DJ finally told me it was Overkill by Colin Hay, the lead singer of Men at Work.  He calls his acoustic redos of the group's songs, Man at Work. You know, I thought it was Sting for a moment but his voice was possibly better. Here's a live version
  • Oh, my. 

  • It took me two years to figure out that the a lightning cord for an iPhone could be inserted without regard to which side was up or down. 
  • I think they are burying the lede. He spelled it "Cival War." 
  • Trump misspoke yesterday while in Pittsburgh and said the U.S. was building The Wall in Colorado. ("And were building a wall on the border of New Mexico. And we're building a in Colorado. ")  Everyone later jumped on him, but I was willing to give him a break. It was just an innocent mistake. Then later he came out with a confusing explanation that he was just kidding. He was not kidding. And did I mention he was in Pittsburgh? His DNA has programmed him to lie. And you trust him to explain his conversation with the Ukraine president? 
  • I really haven't followed the James Younger case, but I did come across these factual findings by a judge when the marriage was first annulled in 2017. They don't put daddy in the best of light. I suspect his background played a role in the jury's decision. But I really have no idea what's going on. 
  • College football quick hits: (1) Four teams which are 7-0 (Baylor, SMU, Oklahoma, and Minnesota) are all on I-35.  I was on the Minnesota campus last year and was very confused when I noticed it's a stones throw from I-35 and the Mississippi River. I had to pull out a map, such as. (2) A key receiver for the Evil Empire may not make the trip to TCU. (3) Being an equipment manager for TCU and having to do this to every new helmet this week would be a beating. 
  • The 39 people turned out to be from China . . .