Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A few shots of the tornado damage from Dallas as the daylight breaks. (Most of these were from Fox 4 who put a helicopter in the air this morning.)

  • This seems to be the best photo of tornado in the darkness last night. Edit: Here's a video from that same perspective
  • Do we have a cop stealing a couple of bottle of liquor? Looks very suspicious.  Video.
  • Changing gears: Baseball background pic. I spy Kate Upton and the Fake Ken Starr and the Fake Bill Barr. 
  • He had to delete this one. Not only is that not the name of the Secretary of Defense, but the real Secretary of Defense said the troops weren't coming home but being moved to Iraq.
  • Trump did a 180 and announced that he would not enrich himself by having the G-7 at the Trump Doral, but not before he decided to use his official Twitter account to promote the property. It's like he was writing his own review on Trip Advisor.
  • So this guy held a press conference last week and announced two things which the White House now disavows: Announced the G-7 would be at the Doral, and there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine. If he's not fired by the end of the month, Trump is losing his knuckle-ball. 
  • In case you missed the Sooner carnage.  (Video in the link.)
  • College football: (1) Texas beat lowly Kansas on a last second field goal -- something that wouldn't have been possible had they had a freak extra-point returned for 2 points minutes earlier. (2) I haven't done any Baylor drum beating because I've expected it to all fall apart at any second. They are now 7-0 with West Virginia and TCU on the horizon. (3) Someone want to explain to me how TCU opened up as a 2.5 point favorite over Texas? It is now at Texas -1.  (4) Random big guy I was not aware of. (He's 6'8" and 360)
  • I'm always doubtful about Texas "turning Blue" but the Bonnen Tape makes me think it is at least possible. What will the effect be on the Common Man after hearing the Austin Republican bigwigs think local and county officials are "dumbass[es]"?  Every one of those officials is elected so what do they think about the people who elected them, too? And collectively that's a bunch of voters.
  • Yes, a little confusing.
  • High school football fact you didn't know: San Saba has played seven games this season and has outscored its opponents 418-9.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold