Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • If you had trouble keeping up with the story yesterday of the two associates of Rudy Giuliani being arrested and indicted, here's a good summary: 
  • So what's Trump's connection to those two since they were also running around Ukraine trying to help Giuliani with this Biden scandal they are trying to sell? He said . . . 
  • Well, he probably knew them:

  • And it's good to know Texas will be well represented in the Ukraine scandal. Pete Sessions, who lost his congressional seat last year, was named in the indictment as "Congressman-1" for receiving money from the two henchman and helping get our ambassador to the Ukraine removed. And Rick Perry has been hit with a subpoena. 
  • Wise County's state senator, Pat Fallon, has decided not to challenge Sen. John Cornyn after giving every indication that he would. 
  • Here's a somewhat awkward picture of WBAP's Hal Jay and Brian Estridge yukking it up while holding an Intimate Partner Violence sign. 
  • The Tarrant County Sheriff, dressed in a manner to reinforce stereotypes, made statements yesterday that reinforced racist stereotypes. 
  • The Texas Tribune later replaced that tweet with the one below. That was way too kind. Yes, the Sheriff was referring to migrants in jail on DWI charges, but he still used the type of rhetoric that made him come across as a redneck. Replace his highlighted words below with "those Mexicans" -- which is exactly how the statement felt --  and you'll understand why he received the backlash. Whenever you start a diatribe with "those people" and it with them coming into "my neighborhood", we know what you mean.

  • There is no reason for "SECURITY TIGHT." You wouldn't be able to pick one of the judges out of line-up. They were hearing cases where people were fighting about money, they don't hear criminal cases, and they are at no more risk for violence than you are every day.
  • Trump held a rally in Minnesota last night. " For many years. leaders in Washington brought large numbers of refugees to your state from Somalia . . . ." Then the crowd loudly jeered. It's truly mind-boggling.
  • Prince came back from the grave last night via his Estate to tell Trump to quit using his song. (Side note: Trump also used the name "Little Bruce Springsteen" at the rally.)
  • My weather prediction was spot on with the exception that most of the rain went about 30 miles south. The band developed on time but just a tad South. I'm recalibrating my Weatherlyzer 9000 despite speaking to its Technical Supervisor who assures me beyond a reasonable doubt that it is always accurate.