Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Ellen and George W. at the Cowboy game caused a tad bit of confusion. And why did they cut out Portia de Rossi (in the yellow).
  • And I'm not sure I knew Rupert Murdoch was married to Jerry Hall. (Notable on this weekend of the Joker's debut: She played the love interest of Jack Nicholson's Joker character in the the 1989 Batman film.)
  • I don't know what to make of a witness in the Amber Guyger trial being murdered this weekend. But, despite multiple conspiracy theories, he was far from a "key" witness. (We were talking about him last week in the courthouse but not because of his testimony. Unlike witnesses like a 911 dispatcher who came all dolled up for the cameras, that guy wore a Dragonball Z t-shirt.)
  • Yes, I'm being nit-picky, but someone needs to tell Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins that the county has no jurisdiction in the investigation of crimes within the city of Dallas.  Nor does he speak for the "City of Dallas." 
  • WBAP reported on Saturday morning that Amber Guyger had been moved to Huntsville. I find that hard to believe. Even a routine post-trial motion hearing will require her presence in the Dallas courtroom so it would be surprising to see her shipped by now. 
  • Trump announced late last night that the U.S. is pulling out of northern Syria. Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade ranted this morning that Trump is holding the Kurds out for slaughter by the Turks as they will now move into that area. Kilmeade is 100% right. 
  • Holy crap. Trump's lapdog just weighed in and he's not pleased either: 
  • Flashback: 
  • This legal proceedings behind this case are a little hard to follow (it deals with waiver in habeas proceedings) but the dissent in the case last week was beyond harsh as it criticized two prosecutors and decided to put their bar card numbers in footnotes. 
  • Talk about an easy job. 

  • Remember how I've told you how part of this charlatan's bit is to pretend to know secrets like a sorcerer? He's still at it. 
  • It's the first Monday in October the Supreme Court's term officially begins. On Friday, they decided to hear an abortion case out of Louisiana.  The law is identical to that in a Texas case that the court struck down three years ago. 
  • Trump got mad at a fellow Republican over the weekend. (Someone needs to tell him that Senators can't be impeached.) 
  • In a weird moment in the heartland, the University of Kansas opened its basketball season with "midnight madness" on Friday night with Snoop Dogg and stripper poles. (Video.)
  • Ran across a reference to the first lawyer ever in Wise County as I was skimming the 1907 book, Pioneer History in Wise County. This was about as much as I could find on him: 
  • I didn't know about "the new policy went into effect last month, and requires DPS troopers to have a waist circumference of 40 inches for men, and 35 inches for women." The troopers aren't pleased.
  • Troy Aikman always looks hungover on the Fox broadcasts. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold