Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This is judge showboating. The criminal cases are as dead as Epstein. Any "hearing" of any type is just for the press. 
  • I noticed on the Tarrant County trial board that two defendants are being tried jointly in front of one jury in a misdemeanor case of "Interference with Public Duties." Without knowing a single fact, I feel comfortable in saying that's a recipe for disaster for the prosecution. 
  • Interesting Andrew Luck gambling tidbits: (1) Before his retirement was announced, the over/under on Colts season wins was  9.5. It then plummeted to 6.5.  That had to be a mad, mad scramble by sports books to change those odds when the news broke - I read somewhere that most were able to do it within 10 minutes.  (2) At least one guy in July thought it would be worth betting on Luck to be the NFL's MVP.
  • By the way, you need to know that, as a Sports Expert, I'm working on a very hot prediction on the Dallas Cowboys over/under. I've just got to run a few more numbers through my IBM Mainframe.  (May I remind you that when the rest of you thought the Rangers were great before the All Star break, I told you it was a "mirage").
  • We finally found out who the troopers were who were involved in the fatal shooting in South Dallas. They weren't from Wise County but pretty close. 
  • I've caught the first two episodes of HBO's new show, The Righteous Gemstones, and it's pretty, pretty funny. (It helps that I picture Joel Osteen while watching it.)
  • Hot Sports Opinion: Other than the opening credits and the ending, ESPN's College Game Day is boring. (And Lee Corso's deterioration is making the ending difficult to watch.)
  • I don't know who writes these "tips" for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, but they are "invariably" awful.  I've never had a client ask for money back once a case was over and cannot envision a situation where they would want money back after an "awesome result." But it happens to the author of the post below "invariably" (which means "in every case or on every occasion.") And he says give the money back even though you delivered?
  • Some people steal baby food out of desperation, others drive a Mercedes to a spa in order to steal Botox using a Mikata. 
  • Whether it be a school superintendent, police chief, city councilman, or mayor, Dallas always has the most clueless and wheels off leaders. Yesterday, the new mayor thought it would be a good idea to announce that he has a new side gig as a partner in a major Dallas law firm in their public financing division. These are the sort of things that are envisioned when you think of "appearance of impropriety." (One of his excuses was that he wanted to keep his law license active. Sheesh. Pay $250 a year and watch some continuing legal education online and you're good to go.)
  • The Longhorns will honor Cedric Benson with a "32" sticker on their helmets. Here's a suggestion: Clean that mess up. We know you play in the U.S. We know where Austin is. We know you're in the Big 12. And you number is in big letters on your jersey. For arguably the best uniform in all of college football, the back of the helmet is a disaster. 
  • A conservative Super PAC has set up a tents outside of  DPS driver's license"megacenters" in Hurst and Fort Worth and asking people to sign a petition. I honestly have no idea if they need permission to be on what is obviously public property. 
  • Who would have though Alabama coach Nick Saban has a better perspective on criminal justice than most prosecutors?