Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw a plea yesterday in the Wise County district court for 40 years to do in a child sex abuse case. (Chad Beland, CR-21418). He'll be eligible for parole in 20 years. That's one of the highest accepted plea bargains I've ever seen, but I can't say it's a bad deal. He was facing 25 to life with no possibility of parole on his original charge. 
  • Trump lost his Census citizenship question case yesterday before the Supreme Court as they said his Administration was lying about the question's purpose (calling it "contrived reasons.") Trump immediately wanted to delay the Census "no matter how long" despite the Constitution expressly saying it must take place every 10 years. 
  • Let me not explain all of this:
  • In the debate last night, Chuck Todd asked the candidates what their first call would be as president. I can't stop watching the answer of Marianne Williamson. "Girlfriend!"
  • We've all seen the heartbreaking picture of the dad and his child laying face down and dead in the Rio Grande. But why do almost all news organization block out the child's identity in this photo which was found. What's the purpose? If we are trying to protect the child, it's way too late for that.
  • The State Prosecuting Attorney's Office represents the State on cases that go to Texas' highest criminal court. They gave us a heads up yesterday about one the court decided to hear which got everyone's attention. (The guy got 40 years. The facts of the case can be found attached to this document.)
  • The Dallas DA picked up the phone last night and groggily asked, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
  • Most of you know I'm a sports genius. And faithful readers will recall that I predicted the Rangers would have a season that was "all downhill from here" after they won their first game. However, they've been doing well. I want to alert the masses who don't have my sports intellect that something ain't right with this team. I've been tracking the Ranger's team ERA against the American League team ERA all season long. I've even created a fancy Google Sheets graph which I update daily. The Rangers not only do not have a good ERA, they been below average all season long. My hot prediction: Since it always depends on pitching, the Rangers can't keep this winning pace. It's a mirage. 
    As of yesterday
    Blue is Rangers' ERA. Red is AL average. 
  • When you lose a morality battle to Bank of America, and you don't even realize it:
  • While you were sleeping, Trump and his Overlord got together. A reporter shouted to Trump about warning Putin "not to meddle" in the 2020 election. Trump replied: "Yes, of course, I will", which caused Putin to laugh. Trump then mockingly pointed a finger at Putin and said,  "Don't meddle in the election, please." 
  • If English was good enough for Jesus, it should be good enough for those Dirty Libs!
  • I specifically remember my Constitutional Law professor at Baylor lecturing on the "Political Question" doctrine and me thinking that it was a really interesting yet surprising concept. Little did I know that the next time the Supreme Court would use it, and the next time I would think about it, was yesterday in the partisan gerrymandering case. (I just looked up the doctrine and saw there were "six factors" to be used in deciding to invoke the doctrine as set out in Baker v. Carr. I'm sure I memorized those six factors in law school without understanding what they meant. I still don't.)