Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • We had yet another shooting last night in Wise County that resulted in a death. The Messenger says it arose out of a rooster fighting incident (?!) but then revised it to a card game after the cockfighting. This is the only arrest and charges associated with it the incident and murder isn't one of them. (And I'm not sure how only one person gets arrested for engaging in organized crime since it requires an agreement with one or more other people.)
  • The Dallas PD released a propaganda video this morning as they just "happened" to be filming when the Chief of Police came back to work. She just casually stopped down to say a few words. (Uh, she has a driver?)
  • The photo of Melania, the Canadian Prime Minister and Trump could replace that old and popular meme. 

  • But this may be my favorite pic. 
    Step Brothers (2008)
  • The boys in the oil patch make a lot of money, but they are going to earn it today. 
  • I have to issue one correction on my Zeke/Cowboys negotiation rules. The Cowboys could void this year's contract (the final year of his mandated first four year contract) of $3 million and renegotiate it if they wanted to. The first three years were set in stone, but not this year. That's buried in the collective bargaining contract. 
  • Jesse Watters of Fox News finally became engaged to his mistress. He left the mother of his twin girls last year after having an affair with this then 25-year-old junior employee on his show (who had to be transferred to another show due to Fox News’ sexual harassment policies.)
  • This story of the 26 pound cat was going around last week. Let me tell you something. I own a 22 pound cat. A 22 pound cat is a friend of mine. You, sir, are no 26 pound cat. (You might be pushing 35 pounds or more.) 
  • Everyone had hot sports opinions about Colts' Andrew Luck walking away from the NFL in the prime of his career with many thinking it is the "biggest story" in at least the last 10 years. This was a pretty funny retort. (Yep, it happened.)
  • I hope there's more to this story, but the story doesn't say if there is more to this story. (And it was just a municipal judge.)
  • There was never more proof that if a big news story happens on Friday evening we won't learn anything about it at all because there are only skeleton news crews on duty for the next two days. We know this story out of Waxahachie has lots of questions -- it's answers we want:
  • Quick loading video time: (1) Lightening striking a tree and injuring several at the PGA event this weekend, (2) The end of the Arizona/Hawaii game where Arizona needed to get 31 yards to tie and got 30, (3) Andrew Luck being booed as he walked off the field after his retirement news broke, (4) Defendant slugs his own lawyer in the courtroom. 
  • This morning's traffic report on three problem areas:
  • Time to remind you that DPS has enough money to have gun boats on the Rio Grande with twin 250 horse power engines. 
  • Why don't you Google "Elected leaders, because of their reckless rhetoric, enable nutcases with AR-15s to murder brown people "?
  • Here's a little constitutional fun fact for you. Not only was that less than 100 years ago, it only applied to white women. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold
  • Those are two big stories in the Houston Chronicle: (1) DPS Troopers are buying weapons from the Department and unloading them on the open market, and (2) an alleged mass murderer goes to trial in a case that has gone basically unnoticed in the metroplex.