Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Your life can change pretty quickly by simply being a jerk in a public. I'm fine with that. (Original post by family.)
    This is from the home page of the Star-Telegram.
  • The State Bar of Texas reminded the public to be on the lookout for money-sucking vampires (who are also lawyers) after the El Paso shooting. I'm sure someone one will solicit a victim's family to sue Wal-Mart because the legal profession is full of people like that.
  • Count the number of ways this proposal by a Democratic presidential candidate makes no sense.
  • The department of Homeland Security needs to issue a travel warning by the U.S. against the U.S.  
  • More details on a former Texas elected DA.
  • I saw a service dog in the Wise County Courthouse yesterday. That's the first time I can recall ever seeing one. I addressed it as a "good puppy dog" (which is what I do even if a dog is 50 pounds and 10 years old.) 
  • He had one job: To read from a teleprompter, in a monotone voice, the words others had written. He had time to prepare at his golf resort. But he couldn't handle it. "May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo . . . ." 
  • For some reason, this morning Trump retweeted a commemoration of D-Day from June 6th. Today is August 6th. 
  • And he threatened Google this morning but misspelled his own name when referring to himself in the third person.  He's fine, right? Totally fine. 
  • The Cowboys released former Baylor basketball player Rico Gathers yesterday after four years. That was the weirdest and longest experiments in team history.  You almost wondered if he had secret tapes of Jerry Jones in some Moscow hotel. 
  • Yesterday I read somewhere that 85% of the Texas population lives east of I-35. I have no idea if that's true, but it sounds right.
  • I'm counting over 75 subpoenas having been issued in a murder case in Wise County tentatively set for next week. 
  • Sometimes you just get fed up. 
  • Former Tarrant County prosecutor Richard Alpert made the cover of the Wichita Falls paper (although he was named "Albert" under his photo.)