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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • What a bloody weekend with the most bloodshed in Texas. Twenty dead at a Walmart shooting in El Paso climbs to the third worst mass shooting in our state's history.  It ranks only behind Luby's (25) and Sutherland (23) and right in front of the University of Texas tower (18). 
  • The killing was the result of White Nationalist Terrorism. Heck, it's such an epidemic and so obvious that even Ted Cruz had to go on record as admitting it. 
  • The shooter said the mass murder was going to be about about illegal immigration and the "Hispanic Invasion" (his words - and Trump's.) I'm not so sure. He murdered people without asking where they were from, without asking to see their papers, and not asking if the were at U.S. citizens. No. This was about killing brown people. 
  • Good lord. This morning Trump not only failed to call out White Supremacists but basically gave them a call to arms. He might as well say, "When I say 'Fake News' in the future, guys, that's your cue." (Note: The El Pasoshooter wrote in his manifesto, "The media is infamous for fake news.")
  • Lt. Dan Patrick said that the shooting was because "we won't let our kids pray in our schools." (Not only is that dumb even for him, but who's stopping kids from praying in school?)
  • At least Trump in the past was horrified at the suggestion that someone shoot illegal immigrants. No? Of course not. He is their leader. 
  • After the Dayton mass murder within hours after El Paso, you would expect in normal times for the President of the United States to address the nation. But that didn't happen because he's not capable of speaking without screwing it up or telling us to tap the brakes because there were "good people on both sides." Instead, he was yukking it up at one of his golf courses Saturday night and crashing another wedding.
  • Greg Abbott, who is scared to utter the words "white supremacy terrorism" and will never refuse gun lobby money, has a tweet for everything:
  • And remember this not-so-subtle tweet by Cornyn earlier this year?
  • Add a section for Walmart.
  • Clever.
  • The El Paso shooter was arrested without incident. Compare and contrast a guy who was arrested (and died) for being arrested for selling single cigarettes. 
  • Changing gears . . . 
    • Five were killed in a fiery car wreck on Northside Drive in Fort Worth last night.
    • The a fourth Republican Congressman, Ken Marchant, has announced he is leaving office. He's the third one to get out of Dodge after winning by less than 5%.
    • Trump had to withdraw the nomination of another Texas congressman, John Ratcliffe, as Director of National Intelligence because he lied about his resume. It's amazing that you can lie in plain sight and get away with it so long as you don't seek a position higher than Congressman. 
    • I saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood over the weekend. Thumbs up. (But I'm hugely biased as a Tarantino fan.)
    • Big thumbs up to the HBO documentary I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter.  It's great and provides so much background that you had no idea about. (Throw in teenage dating by text, anti-depressants, Glee, and domestic abuse and you've got a wild ride.)
    • This weekend sure took the Arlington cop who accidentally killed a woman after shooting at her dog off the front page. 
    • Mitch McConnell, who of late has become very angry with the nickname "Moscow Mitch", tripped outside his home and broke his shoulder yesterday morning. 
    • A Republican district judge in Denton County won't seek re-election because “I do not like the direction the Republican Party is heading in."
    • Incredible picture a split second after fan gets hit by a foul ball at yesterday's Rangers' game. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.