Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know how an unnamed fast food restaurant's chicken sandwich has become an online national sensation, but it is the greatest marketing schemes/scams I've seen in over a decade. 
  • What going on here? "She was part of a prominent Dallas family and had recently graduated from the University of Arkansas." Update: A 49 year old has been arrested.
  • It sounds ghoulish, but I'm surprised more people don't kill themselves if they've committed a that kind of crime, finally get caught, and then absolutely believe they are going to prison for a long time. But it's pretty bizarre to do it in the Sheriff's office parking lot. (I remember about ten years ago Wise County guy killed himself in his driveway after learning of similar charges out of Tarrant County.)
  • Speaking of ghoulish, Texas executed another person last night. 
  • There's an article about a Wood County judge and his "quick temper" going around. He's not perfect or particularly likable, but I've seen a lot worse. For example, he got in trouble for calling a lawyer a liar after he didn't show up for a court. And he's probably justified.  Ask any court staff member if there aren't a certain number of lawyers who are known liars about "not getting notice". 
  • I guess I wasn't the only one to think "anti-Christ" after Trump's comments yesterday. Here's  Twitter's "trending" in the afternoon:
  • I may just play this nonstop: 
  • I wrote this last Friday. Coincidence? 
  • Yesterday I pointed out that the Dallas Police Chief has been off the job for almost two months, and later in the day she announced she's coming back to work. Coincidence?
  • On Monday, I wrote about how Love Field used to have a skating rink and movie theater. Yesterday, the Ticket's Hardline dedicated a whole segment to that subject. Coincidence?
  • If you notice the lack of troopers on the roads of Wise County, I've been told there is a reason: A bunch of them have been assigned to patrol South Dallas to help out Dallas P.D. 
  • For the life of me, I do not understand why Bob Stoops came out of retirement to coach an XFL team.  Sheesh, even Kliff Kingsbury could get an NFL head coaching job. 
  • This is so clever it could almost be a cover on the now defunct Mad Magazine: