Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A threat has caused Bridgeport ISD to be justifiably a little nervous this morning. As I understand it, an (innocent) Bridgeport High student posted a link to her "Yolo" account on Snapchat. Then an unknown third person posted a threat on her Yolo account. (For some reason, you can post on someone's Yolo account "anonymously.") The post didn't reference a specific school, but for now there is at least that Bridgeport connection. Every parent deserves to know the exact threat if they don't already: 
  • Welcome to America 2019. 
  • None of the cases were particularly exciting, but late last week the Fort Worth Court of Appeals released two Wise County opinions and one Jack County opinion on the same day. That has never happened before.
  • A cocky federal judge accidentally hit "reply all" in response to an email inviting him to a global warning event. I think the best part is the learned jurist whose job is in the use of words doesn't understand the definition of "hubris". 
  • Antifa and the Proud Boys confronted each other in Portland over the weekend and, unfortunately, both survived. One video clip showed the Antifa boys throwing a hammer into a Proud Boy bus, but it was the Proud Boys who brought the hammer. Both sides are fools.  (Here's the Proud Boys arriving and flashing their "white power" hand symbol with MAGA hats being the head-wear of choice.)
  • But I had no idea that Ben Stiller's teenage character from Something About Mary was politically active by joining that confrontation in Portland. 

  • I was told ISIS had been defeated.
  • The article in Texas Monthly about Robert Jeffress was disappointingly boring, but there was a different article in this month's issue about yet another travesty of justice out of Smith County -- a guy was very likely wrongfully imprisoned for over 20 years. The author tracked down the former prosecutor, David Dobbs, to justify the way the case was handled and these comments made me scream. (He was also behind the wrongful prosecution of Kerry Max Cook.)
  • Zeke was photographed heading back to Dallas from Cabo, but shout out to the lady who enjoyed the moment. 
  • The Cowboys had two new receivers on Saturday night in Hawaii.
  • I was reminded that Love Field, when it suffered a setback by the opening of DFW Airport, briefly had an ice skating rink and movie theater in it. I went there once as a teenage and specifically remember watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It was a church trip. There seemed to be a lot of church trips back then. 
  • UT's Cedric Benson died in a motorcycle crash over the weekend. It was really weird because I had planned on posting the following that I had seen less than 24 hours before. (No evidence alcohol was involved in the motorcycle crash.) 
  • I can confidentially say I've never filed a Motion in favor of, or in opposition to, the government playing a scene from The Godfather Part II in a criminal case. That's what's going down in the Roger Stone case. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold.