Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • In covering the opioid crisis, The Washington Post analyzed DEA data tracking the location of every prescribed pain pill and created a graphic ranking the highest per person prescription rate by county. For Texas, Young County (Graham) is on top of the leader board with 88.4 pills per person. Wise County had 34.9 pills per person. For the county, the hills of West Virginia and Kentucky have a problem. 
  • This is cool: A video of Apollo 11's rocket pre-launch was projected onto the Washington Monument last night. Video here.
  • Uh . . . 
  • Shout out to West Wise Special Utility District. After spending two days being unable to diagnosis the source of a leak in the yard, I finally broke down and called them in the belief that it was possibly a leak between the street and the meter. An incredibly friendly lady named Dorothy answered (without first having to go through a phone tree), listened to my problem, confirmed I had all the water shut off, and directed me to the water meter (and to look for a tiny rotating star which, we learned, wasn't rotating) and said, "That's good news for you. It sounds like our problem." She said she would send someone out and the guy arrived in under 15 minutes. He, too, diagnosed it as their problem and began making arrangements to repair it.   
  • Someone explain to me how the best customer service experience I've ever had comes from a governmental entity which doesn't even have a competitor in the product they offer (water)? 
  • CNN had White Nationalist Richard Spencer on to say Trump isn't racist enough. To give him a forum is shameful. 
  • I spoke with someone who had to go into the Decatur DPS office to get his license renewed. The wait was around two hours despite arriving before 8:30 a.m. I didn't know this: Those working the counter also have to administer the actual driving tests. So with people in line, they have to get up and go outside and spend time doing that. How many troopers do we have out there? 
  • Idiocracy.
  • Here's Trump and Jeffrey Epstein looking at women on the dance floor at Mar-a-Lago. “Look at her, back there. … She’s hot.” (It's from 1992 when he was between marriages to Ivanka and Marla Maples. But I don't remember Trump having such tricked up eyebrows.) 

  • Channel 8 decided to show the footage of the crash that killed 10 people at the Addison airport. I noticed last night that Fox 4 stopped the footage before impact "in respect for the families."
    The plane is at a 45 degree angle. A big explosion follows.
  • Papa Johns has a big color ad in the Messenger seeking people who wish to open a franchise. 
  • Also in the Messenger, I learned that the the Decatur Hospital (yes, it's Wise Health Systems, but I'll never get used to it) was hacked where around 100 direct deposits were actually compromised and changed. But the hospital has a system requiring paper checks for two pay periods after any change so the hack was noticed and no money was stolen. (Support local journalism.) 
  • Yesterday, the House of Representative voted  240-to-187  to condemn Trump's racist tweets. Texas Republican Will Hurd joined them. (The vote was delayed while the crowd who is normally sick of political correctness didn't think it was appropriate.)
  • Messenger: Above the Fold