Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Zeke Elliott might hold out if he doesn't get a new contract with the Cowboys. I would, too. He's at the end of his rookie contract and the Cowboys will simply run him to death and then replace him. And he'll never be the same. It has happened before. I give you DeMarco Murray in 2017:
  • Trump doubled down on his "go back where you came from" demand to Congresswomen of color yesterday. This exchange with the press cements his place in history as a White Nationalist. He is their man. 
  • An it comes as a surprise to no one that he can't spell Al-Qaeda.
  • On a serious note, he wrote down "Alcaida" because he used it to make a claim multiple times that Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has been a U.S. citizen six years longer than Melania Trump, praised the terrorist group. That's a lie. He's going to get her killed. 
  • Below, "Smith's counsel" in the transcript is the lawyer for a defendant in a breach of contract case in Houston. It was a trial before a judge which ended, uh, abruptly. (Smith's lawyer did ultimately find the court of appeals which just reversed the judge's quick draw on the judgment.) I've thrown in a picture of judge for good measure. He says he "treats every litigant with respect and dignity" on this campaign site which consists of one page.
  • With e-filing, lawyers can now file documents online up until midnight on the day that something is due. In a medical malpractice case, some poor associate in Texas got stuck with making a filing hours before a critical deadline but managed to cut it beyond close by getting the necessary document filed right on the nose at midnight.  He then realized minutes later that he didn't file all of it, and got the complete document e-filed at 12:19 a.m. The case has been dismissed because of the tardiness.  
  • I got a package delivered  yesterday from some place called Your Girlfriend's Closet which caused a huge question mark to form over my head. Upon learning about my girlfriend, I didn't know whether to be defensive, guilty, impressed, or concerned about my memory. (Turns out someone in the Family Unit bought it and sent it to my office for delivery.)
  • A faithful reader told me I sounded like Alex Jones in connection with my Coast Guard/Submarine Conspiracy. Perhaps. 
  • Motorcycle death: A guy hit a cow in Grayson County outside of Whitesboro last Friday.
  • These are new photos hanging in the West Wing. Nothing like having a picture of you and a murderous dictator on your wall. 
  • Let me tell you something: One of the best thing about the Messenger which seems to have been created out of thin air and with little fanfare is the column of Joy Burgess-Carrico on tidbits of Wise County history. Last week's story of a guy who got shot on the courthouse square in 1894 after hiding out in a lawyer's office is good stuff. 
  • Netflix has edited the suicide scene in the controversial 13 Reasons Why. 
  • Speaking of teens and social media and bizarre tragedy, how in the world did I miss this that happened near Utica, New York. Good lord: "Police arrived at the gruesome scene Sunday morning, alerted by frantic calls from users on the messaging app Discord. What police heard in those calls was horrifying:Someone had uploaded an image of a bloodied, lifeless young woman to the server, her throat marred by a deep gash. 'Police located 21-year-old Brandon Clark after he called 911. They found him at the end of a dead-end road, on the ground next to a black SUV, officials said. He stabbed himself in the neck with a knife as an officer approached him. Then, police say, Clark moved to a tarp where a teen’s bloodied body was located. He then took a selfie while lying across her body as the officer watched, police say." 
  • "CBS News is currently livestreaming its original broadcast from fifty years ago, when the original Apollo 11 crew launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to put the first humans on the Moon." It's here on youtube. Hurry. Liftoff is at 8:32 a.m. CST.