Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This "suspicious" truck caused the federal courthouse and surrounding streets in downtown Dallas to be shut down this morning. 
  • On Friday, yet another woman accused Trump of sexual assault -- this time via cover story in the New York magazine. Trump then told Bloomberg ,"I've never met this person in my life." There was a photo showing them meeting included with the article

  • A local radio personality ran into a Facts of Life star in Plano on Friday. Lisa Whelchel grew up in Lake Worth. 
  • In a crazy case I've mentioned before, the Supreme Court on Friday reversed yet again a case out of Mississippi where the prosecutor intentionally struck African-Americans off of the jury panel. The defendant has been tried six times -- and every time by the same racist prosecutor, Doug Evans. Clarence Thomas issued a dissent. You want to know how a judge has no legal authority to support his position? He opens his opinion with gruesome facts which have nothing to do with the legal issue at hand. It doesn't matter if the discrimination during jury selection occurs during a trial for murder, DWI, or speeding. 
  • A loud boom was heard from Jacksboro to Watauga last week, and the Springtown PD was not buying the government's official position. 
  • Remember that deputy city manager in Wichita Falls who, after decades of service, was fired after cops took his curbside trash, found  a baggie of "green plant" residue along with " Clear Eyes Redness Relief", and raided his house on a search warrant because of it? Well, police finally disclosed they found just a misdemeanor amount of weed in his house.  
  • This guy got 15 minutes of fame with a slow motion lip reading video at the College World Series over the weekend. Those glasses coupled with his fury were the perfect match.
  • A cornerback out of Arlington took an official recruiting visit on Saturday to Texas and then posted this pic. Yeah, it's all in good fun, but I remember a time when the convergence of "new car" and "recruiting" were hot bed topics not to joke about.
  • From DWI criminal law practitioners: There has been a limited recall on some blood kits used by law enforcement. The official Texas prosecutor association said this: "These tubes are used nationwide for the collection of blood alcohol determinations and are widely used in forensic testing for DWI cases. Law enforcement agencies should be notified to stop using tubes from this lot."
  • Other criminal law practitioner news: A defense lawyer out of Waco was arrested on a solicitation of a minor charge. "Layman graduated from Baylor Law School in August 2014 and worked that year as an intern for the Collin County District Attorney’s Office in McKinney. In November, Layman worked for two days as an unlicensed assistant in the district attorney’s office before he was terminated, authorities said." 
  • I told you last week Trump was lying when he said he was going to round up "millions" of Jews, Races He Considers Inferior, People Without Papers "illegal aliens." He just makes stuff up. 
  • You had one job. (And that's one long beam.)
  • You might have seen the Trump lawyer, Sarah Fabian, arguing before the Ninth Circuit that those children who are detained seeking asylum, who are entitled by agreement to "safe and sanitary" conditions, doesn't necessarily mean having access to soap or a toothbrush or being able to sleep. She makes $162,673.00. (And with that salary you would think she could dress a little better for oral arguments.)
  • Look who also took notice of Texas's increasing Hispanic population.  This is nothing other than a not-so-subtle message to his base. (He got such blow back from this that he had to issue a pandering follow-up tweet calling Hispanics "hard working, patriotic, religious, family-oriented believers in the American Dream.")
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