Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I finally went into the Decatur QuikTrip because I was laughing at everyone being so giddy about it. Verdict: Pretty dang impressive for a convenience store. And shout out to the male cashier who was able to keep two lines on either side of the cash register moving at mind-blowing pace. I would be fired from that job within 30 minutes. 
  • I'm no demolition expert, but taking a wrecking ball to the gutted hotel after the fire in Dallas, especially the way everyone is standing around, doesn't look that safe. (Here's a quick video of the ball hitting the side of the thing.)
  • So you think I'm too hard on Pete Delkus? The guy predicts rainfall to within a hundredth of an inch yet also predicts wide variances (0.59 in Archer City and 3.29 in Graham). It's ridiculous to even create the graphic.  
  • I've been moaning about it for years, but the Texas drivers surcharge law will be gone. And here's a bonus: If you still owe money from past charges, as of 9/1/19 all of that government debt is forgiven. (If you were found guilty of DWI in the last two years, that's a big chunk of change you just avoided.) 
  • And despite all the hoopla and false promises of Gov. Greg Abbott, there was no meaningful marijuana reform this session.
  • Channel 5 was setting up for a live shot (?) in Decatur this morning. I'm guessing it's for the Decatur Softball team heading to the state tourney. (That may be a wild guess, but the van was inside the barricade for the street closure.)
  • She's an extra but a big time extra with good gigs in both HBO's Games of Thrones and Chernobyl within the last month.
  • He's just embarrassing himself now: 
  • I had no idea the Korean War claimed around 35,000 American lives fighting against Kim Jong Un's grandfather. Everyone goes nuts about Vietnam's 50,000 number, but that's an amazing number for a three year war. 
    Even the war's memorial is underrated.
  • Former WFAA anchors Ron Corning and Alexa Conomos are teaming up for a weekly podcast. There is no way they can make any money from that. And promoting it with Conomos saying, "Ron and I were always known for telling it like it is" doesn't help. You read a teleprompter. 
  • The Texas Secretary of State has resigned after the fake voting scandal. He couldn't even survive in a land of political sugar daddies in Austin. And it's a good thing no one peddled that lie. Oh, wait. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold