Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • While Trump was having a "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!" moment this morning, he admitted that Russia helped him get elected: 
    (He was late this morning because of this tweet.)
  • There was a scary moment last night in the Astros/Cubs game where a four year old was struck by a foul ball.  Early reports are that she'll be Ok, although the place stopped down after it happened. (Has there ever been a person die due to a foul ball at a major league game? Yep. Last year.)
  • On Sunday night, Dallas went a little nuts over a report of a missing four year old child. By morning, the news was that the father had made the report up. So, yes, he's been charged with a crime, but even I was surprised to learn it's just a Class C misdemeanor (fine only) with a specific Penal Code provision covering the crime. 
  • Someone emailed me this week for the sole purpose of telling me that I needed to go to Odessa to see what the oil boom has done -- and not in a good way. It's chaotic. And the new issue of Texas Monthly has a story about the same thing.
  • With all this hoopla over Art Briles being hired by Mt. Vernon, I was curious what the school's record was over the last few years. I found it. (By the way, coach Josh Finney left to take a job at Winnsboro, which is also a 3A school, who went 2-8 last year. That's seems a little odd since he seemed to have a good thing going.)
  • A bill was introduced in both the House and Senate to eliminate the County Attorney in Cooke County and combine the office with the DA's office. Both died (the bills, not the prosecutors). I thought stuff like that was always a done deal. 
  • In case you missed Robert Mueller's statement yesterday, here it is:
  • It would be a lot easier to hold those press conferences in the White House press room, but Sarah Sanders doesn't do that any longer. 
    Sanders in a "Nothing to see here" moment yesterday
  • Mob boss or Texas Sheriff? (This guy had quite the history.)
  • Just an average day on social media: Some Tony Romo fan with a Twitter account posts a pic of car, with license plate visible, which he accuses of speeding through a school zone this morning, and the Fort Worth Police Department wants information in response. 
  • Someone in the White House wanted the U.S.S. John McCain "out of sight" during Trump's visit to Japan, so a tarp was placed over its name. Trump denied ordering it but said this morning that the person who did was "well meaning."