Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • In a convoluted screw-up, after September 1st you can go to work as a plumber without a license to do so in Texas. That's because there won't be a requirement to have a license. Since I have a reputation of being able to fix any broken toilet, you might be looking at the next Messenger "Best Plumber in Wise County" award winner. 
  • Trump wished the Japanese troops a "happy Memorial Day." (I'm just glad it wasn't December 7th so he couldn't fire off a "Happy Pearl Harbor Day!")
  • Update to yesterday's Mount Everest post: 11 people have died in the last 10 days. A Colorado attorney is the latest.
  • I had some buddies tell me about the Dr. Death podcast about Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon out of Dallas. They told me the story is so crazy that I wouldn't believe it.  They were right. 
  • In what might be the most historically confusing and equally disrespectful tweet ever, Texas Live! out of Arlington posted this on Memorial Day and immediately took it down. (The soldier "holding" the taco died four months after the photo was taken.)
  • My "Let's Get Out Of Here" post on Friday will often include a wheels off video from the "Block or Charge" Twitter account. He posted something that got him suspended in the last couple of days.   
  • I won't disclose the subject matter, but a Wise County Facebook account set up for complaints and accolades turned into one of the wildest gossip threads of all time yesterday afternoon before it was taken down. It was full scorched earth. 
  • I can't say I'm that familiar with the old Ambassador Hotel in Dallas, but it went up in flames early this morning. (The photo doesn't even do it justice as this quick loading video shows.)
  • Edit: Just saw this update:
  • A pretty good documentary about a contestant on The Price is Right is Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew To Much. (Although it should be called The Contestant Who Legally Memorized Prices).
  • I've got a huge complaint about Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee: It relies heavily on geography but doesn't give you any guidelines as to what part of a state the author it talking about. (Just a simple, "Close to present day Laramie, Wyoming", for example, would be a huge help.) You need a map to have the book truly make sense. 
  • We had a snake at a Walmart in Denton County. It's "just a rat snake" but still quite the sight. Photo below.  (However, I remind you of the Great Decatur Rat Snake Incident of 2009 -- exactly 10 years ago -- which involved the local legal community moving in to gawk.)
  • As badly as the city of Boston treated Bill Buckner, you would think his death would make it above the fold.